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Why I Start to Go to College Again?

To whom read my blog regularly knows exactly about my life. And they also know about my new exciment about starting college once again.

Betül Kara – Social Media Executive, Ontarget Digital Media Buying, 2011

I used to be one skinny girl who worked at digital media buying agency as social media executive. I run for meeting to meeting with my multinational clients. Then I decided to move NY and fall in love with city and its fashion!

I’ve been writing this blog for a one year now. I really like to share about new exciting companies, marketing strategies and sometimes my looks.  I sometimes feel like I am missing something.

And finally I found what the missing thing is. Idecide to start to my American education at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). I really concern about my career because I’ve been in internet marketing business like 6 years but I have limited experience in fashion industry. But I do want to work in fashion company. So I start my new programm two weeks ago. I have one year continuing professinal studies.

My program is Brand Management Experience. You can’t imagine how excited I am. I have three hours session every thursday and I go to my school with new questions every time. I feel like hungry for learning. I wish I used to be like that when I first went to university back then 2005. If any of freshmen read my blog, just think I used to be like you and now I am saying this. Recognize what you learn everyday. You don’t have to be a nerd to do that. Yo can still enjoy your age and the most exciting thing in yourlife. Just realize how important what you learn.

This time is just an intro but soon I am going to share you what I am learning in my new course every week.

P.S. Kara was my maiden name in 2010.
P.S.2 The image on the header is from my university years. Most probably in 2008 at Marmara University.