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Small Europe Travel: Berlin, Prague, Regensburg, Munich

October 2, 2015

Fatih and I are planing to have a small Europe travel, before brutal winter hit us. In fact New York winters are not so bad but last 2 years everything changed. So you never know. I do know Germany has really relentless winter. Even the time (which is October) when we will be there looks kind of cold if you compare with New York weather. I’ve been couple of countries in Europe but It is more important for Fatih. And you know that I’ve lived in Germany 7 years ago. So It is going to be a nostalgia for me.

I love Europe. It is most probably because of my love of history. Everywhere is so magical and you can literally see the trace of historic events in all over the cities. This time, it is also going to be interesting for me, too. Even though I lived in Germany before, I never had a chance to visit Berlin and Munich. I heard so many great things about Munich. I am so excited about the Munich. I am not sure about Berlin but I am sure I am going to eat famous Mustafa’s Gemuse Doner*.   Just a week ago Elon Musk shared a photo from the line of Mustafa’s. If Musk was waiting on the line, It must be killer delicious. I am gonna share my experience for sure.

Prague was always one of my dream cities for traveling. It is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It has beautiful architecture.  Classical music, opera, famous cathedrals… So excited about what I am going to see in Prague.

Regensburg is one of the wealthiest cities of Germany. BMW, Continental, General Electric, Siemens and Toshiba are just a few of biggest industrial companies are located in Regensburg. It is one of the rare cities that haven’t hit during WWII. My uncle lives there for 15 years. We are planing to visit him and also want to visit BMW’s factory during our visit to Regensburg.

Finally our last stop is going to be Munich. We want to drink a beer in famous Hofbräuhaus München and sing special song “Ein Prosit” which means “a toast”. They are singing this small song every time after a longer long to finish with “a toast”. It is so much fun to drink in a family style benches. You become friends with people during this drinking session.

My favorite photo: "love wins"

My favorite photo: “love wins”

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*Gemuse: vegetable, doner: gyro