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Shoes by Me? Nice Job by PikkPack

May 23, 2014

Have you ever wanted to create your own shoe line? It is my dream actually! Unfortunately I don’t think I have any drawing skills. But I just got good news about it.

I have an aim! Helping the new businesses and startups which is especially on fashion industry. To be niche, I specifically write startups that is from NY. But I couldn’t resist when I heard about this new awesome company on Twitter called PikkPack – shoes by you from Hungary! Also I fancy Hungarian people! :*


The idea comes from Sara Gulyas who is a Hungarian designer with over 10 years of experience in leather design. After working years on shoe making job, she wants to create something minimal at the same time gives experience the people who is going to wear those shoes.

I really like the idea of making your own shoes with simple set up. As an ancient marketer; the idea of  “selling experience instead of meta” is not unique but at the same time works almost always! If your service, design or product is really sexy enough like PikkPack, your business is definitely going to work!


In my opinion design of Pikkpack shoes looks so Brooklynish, (aka Brooklynista) something new and different. Actually the right word is hip for Pikkpack shoes! I quite like the style of Sara’s design! I am looking forward to see her new designs!  But I wonder how comfortable they are! Because I am a flatfoot person. When I wear flat shoes more than 2 hours, my feet are really hurt.

There  is only one problem, the shoes aren’t in production yet. They have a kickstarter campaign for your helps! Their current KICKSTARTER campaign is MORE THAN 60% FUNDED, they are in the finish line and need all the support we can provide them. They have ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT of the campaign till 1st of June.


Enjoy the video in below. Participate for $1 or more (appreciated one:) and share the PikkPack’s Kickstarter campaign!