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Pregnancy Style with a Flower Dress

July 19, 2017
gucci soho disco bag review

I’ve been so busy with my baby shower preparation lately. I couldn’t post as much as I desire my pregnancy style. I want to show my growing belly for . long time. So far so many people think I don’t have any belly whatsoever but that’s not a truth.

In fact, I have a giant basket ball shape belly now. You can’t imagine how terrified I am. I am around 71 kilos right now (which is 156 pounds) and I started with 58 kilos (127 pounds). And I have still 2 months to go. Oh God helps me not to be over weight, of course, I want my babies health first but I don’t want to be a depression after babies born. That’s the worst both for my babies and for me. I don’t wanna blame my tiny babies for my body shape (which happens to mums after giving birth)


Dress: Zara (all frill dresses)
Bag: Gucci (in black)
Shoes: Sam Edelman (on sale)
Sunglasses: Eye Connection (bought in a small boutique called Bey Karakoy)
Evil Eye Bracelets: Grand Bazaar

So I try to keep my spirit high as much as possible, try to attend brand events to change my mood even though It’s hard to walk around. Thank god I have Lfyt and VIA 🙂 I do make up and try to wear nice cute dresses that compliment my baby bump.




I bought this cute dress before I went on vacation for a month. When I bought this I had a flat belly and after I return from vacation I was in shock how big my belly was. I complete my look with a comfortable kitten block heels and some nice bracelet that I bought Grand Bazaar (check the video for Grand Bazaar tour). Finally, I used my Gucci bag which was a gift from my sister when I was on vacation. It’s neat condition second-hand bag that she found from one of the second-hand shops. I love the colour so much, because this Gucci Soho bag is generally black, beige or red, never seen this blue. (found in emerald green one which is insanely stylish)



What do you think about my pregnancy style?