Europe Travel

Prague, The city of Everything

October 30, 2015

After our very satisfying Berlin trip, we checked train tickets for Prague. Our little journey took four and half hour between Berlin and Prague via train.

In my experience train is the best way to travel around  Europe. I love train trips and I think the train ride is always a good idea when you are in Europe. Great nature and always a great way to meet new people. When I studied in Germany for half semester I always used trains to go places. It is the cheapest and relatively fastest option. I passed the required age for the famous InterRail. I will force my children to do that!!!

We have 2 days to stay in Prague. In my opinion, 2 days are more than enough for this city. Of course, there are some attractions outside of the city center but if you just want to have a brief idea of what is all about Prague, 2 day trip is all you need!

We arrived the place we stayed in by a tram. It is always the best thing to do “a little tram tour in the city”. You get the whole vision of the city. We did the same thing in our SF trip, too. And It is cheaper than city sight tours.