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NYFW Carolina Herrera Fall 2019 Collection Review By Alley Girl Team

February 12, 2019

If you’re a fashionista, yet you’re unaware of Carolina Herrera, shame on you! Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan designer and she just happens to be one of the most prominent in high fashion. Her longevity as a designer is inspiring and The House of Herrera has thrived for over 35 years. Herrera’s eye for beauty continues to shine throughout this NYFW Carolina Herrera 2019 Fall Collection Review By Alley Girl Team.

“My eye was accustomed to see beautiful things.”

Carolina Herrera

Watch the Runway

via FashionFeed

From this 8 minute clip of the runway, you can feel the lively, bubbly aura that surrounds the production. The outfits are cohesive. The models are effortless. The entire show is a testament to how this brand continues to understand women and all of the beautiful diversity we share.

Our Favourite Looks

This was the first look to debut on the runway and is probably one of the strongest statements in the collection. The dynamic floral print pattern and bold yellow background is exactly what you would expect from Herrera. The composition of the dress itself is stunning with an honorable mention to the mermaid-esque hem of the skirt.

Carolina Herrera is recognized worldwide for the refinement apparent in this ensemble. She is able to take the avant-garde and transform it into something wearable for the average woman. Here, she incorporates the same vivid floral pattern in a demure fashion with the high waisted skirt, ribbed white turtleneck, and long black blazer.

In the world of Herrera, the bohemian style enters into the upper echelon of fashion and triumphs. This sweeping, layered gown is brilliant in palette and construction. The garment cinches tight at the waist and this feature really draws the eyes to the ruffled sleeves. The sunny disposition of this dress is amplified by the radiant motif.

If you’ve seen one black pantsuit, you’ve practically seen them all, yet this Carolina Herrera piece exceeds the mundane. The superstar of this look is the suit top. There is sheer perfection in the well-structured shoulders, the sophisticated midriff slits, and all the way down to the rhombus silhouette across the hips.

All images are from Vogue.

Leave it to House Herrera to create the most beautiful pair of pink harem pants and combine them with a pretty peasant top. The pants are sleek, chic, and provide a wonderful contrast with the sheer nude botanical shirt. There is a callback to the 70s in this look as well. Echoes of past eras are weaved through the collection.


Designer: Carolina Herrera
Season: Fall 2019 Ready to Wear
Date: Monday, February 11, 2019
Location: Historical Society, New York, NY

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