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September 25, 2019

This past month is one of the most hectic ones in my life.

We have decided to move back to NY after a long search and travel in different states. I had to find a new apartment, a new babysitter for my twins, looking for a new job, fashion week, my birthday, very exciting upcoming projects fro my blog.

We ended up finding a new apartment in Greenpoint which is great because I love my old neighbourhood. Decided to go with day-care instead of a babysitter for my twins, still looking for a job.

Fashion Week is always tricky for me. Whenever I get the invitation for the coolest runway shows and event something comes up. Luckily at least this time I was able to attend 2-3 events during the fashion week.

When I try to create my fashion week looks, I discover this website They have this amazing selection of dresses, pants, sets etc. The best thing about this website is you can actually decide to change your dress’ features like making the sleeves shorter or adding a different neckline etc. Let me show you how it works below.

I style 2 of my picks from eShakti for my fashion week looks. And the last one for a beautiful sunny day in New York when I have attended to an event.

They are so comfortable yet chic pieces. You can see as a very active New Yorker, I always look for comfort as much as chicness. eShakti delivers both aspects of my everyday lifestyle.

High-Low Hem Poplin Shirtdress – $54

I kind of go for magazine editor look for this black shirt dress. I love the details on the cuff. That detail gives an extra puffiness on the sleeves. And this is a very versatile piece that I can easily wear as “pants overskirt looks” or tugging the skirt part and use the top as a shirt piece.

And this last dress is so romantic. I wish I was on my way to Italy for my summer trip to use this dress as a vacation styling piece. You can easily find any kind of pieces on

Paris Print Crepe Strapless Dress – $84.95

Tell me which one of the pieces you like the most from my selection from eShakti.

NY Girl Diary with is brought you by eShakti.