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Why am I NOT Impressed with Google Pixel?

January 13, 2017

I finally have a chance to review Google Pixel. Frankly, I’m not that impressed as (most probably) paid reviewer out there. I borrowed my friend’s Google Pixel last week and spend the whole weekend with the phone. I feel like Google Pixel might be the best Android phone (I used whole summer Samsung Galaxy and I used Motorola briefly 2 winters ago.)

As a fashion technology blogger, design wise Google Pixel doesn’t offer anything new. It’s almost a copycat of iPhone 7. I hate the fact of back side fingerprint button. I turned my phone every time I touch the button 😀 Seriously? This is the best solution you can come with, in a sake of bigger screen. It was a pain for me. I don’t know maybe, I’m in a relationship with iPhone for too long? And what was that battery life? Roughly 4-7 hours. I thought I was using my old iPhone 6S for a minute or so. My iPhone 7’s battery last at least 17 hours which is more than great.

Of course, I didn’t do a water resistance test because It was my friend’s phone, but I’ve read about it. Most of the reviewers mention that so I’m not gonna mock that. No matter how beautiful the camera, I still can’t cope with the quality of android apps. It is the biggest problem for me when we discuss Android-based devices. I know the device has nothing to do about this but not functionally working apps are the biggest turn off for me.

But there are things that I applaud Google Pixel. I love that they offer phone support as chat. That was the biggest pain of mine when I first come to New York. I was shy to talk on the phone so I always try to find chat supports. I do love 4K video option which means I don’t need Arriana for my Newest Yorker videos, lol. Google assistant might be better than Siri but It should have more accurate because know every single search I made.

I admit there is some stuff I liked but It is nothing like they promote for this phone as the most genius thing ever!! Nope, It’s not. I wasn’t impressed as Wired editors.