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New York Luxury and Premium Brands Sample Sale Guide and Hacks

August 12, 2019

One of the best things about living in big cities like New York is how reachable everything. It’s a dream to score Oscar De La Renta dress for 80-90% off. So I decided to write New York Luxury and Premium Brands Sample Sale Guide and Hacks.

My very first sample sale experience was not planned. We were just spending some time in Chealsea Market back in 2013 December. Fatih and I actually showing this beautiful old factory to Fatih’s mother when she was visiting us for the first time.

The dress: Asos $25

And I saw those magical words “Sample Sale for Theory, Vince, Helmut Lang”. I didn’t plan to buy anything actually but when I have seen the price tag for dream maxi coat with leather sleeves, I couldn’t help myself. I paid $200 for the best coat ever wich was $1200 in retail. Later we also visited Woodbury for more score of the luxury brand like Prada. I couldn’t help but check Theory for my recent purchase. And the same coat was $380. I was so happy with my decision to get that coat.

So Let’s get a closer look for my “New York Luxury and Premium Brands Sample Sale Guide and Hacks” list.

New York Luxury and Premium Brands Sample Sale Places

260 Sample Sale

WHERE: 150 Greene Street, New York, 10012

Luxe Market Sample Sale

WHERE: 513 Broadway, New York, 10012

Prive Summer Sample Sale

WHERE: Chelsea Market 75 9th Avenue, New York, 10011


WHERE: 25 Mercer Street, New York, 10013

The Selects

Mainly focuses on Korean Fashion Designers

Sunglasses: Mango $12

WHERE: 62 Greene Street, New York, 10012


WHERE: 98 South 4th Street, Brooklyn, 11249

Fivestory New York

WHERE: 18 East 69th Street, New York, 10065

Let’s Focus on The Hacks Now

  • First things first. I suggest you check one of the Sample Sale Calenders. There are so many of them. I only linked here one of them. Check the brands you love. And mark your calendar with the maps. Believe it or not because sometimes you two most favourite brands have the sample sale at the same time hold by different companies. Decide which one you like to most and first go to that one then you’ll go to the 2nd one.
  • Don’t go crazy and buy the things you like right away. Sometimes towards the ends of the sample sale, they make the extra sale if the items left. So It’s like a gamble. Trust your instincts. If you feel like the item gonna sell fast then don’t wait and buy it. But if you feel like It might stay until the last day of the sample sale, you have a chance to buy even cheaper.
  • There are some brands that almost never go to sample sales. (Like Chanel, It’s unlikely to we ever see a Chanel item on the sample sales) Like Christian Louboutin. If you the sample sale of your favourite brands which almost never goes to sale, make your day according to that sample sale. Because the high demand brands always have lines of people waiting to buy them. And I’m telling you we New Yorkers are crazy we’ll wait under the rain, cold any conditions. Because our life in NY designed according to lines we wait for lunch, brunch, restrooms, sample sales etc.
  • Be aware of minimum purchase limits of credit cards versus cash. My heart brokes if you go sample sale and you are about the score an incredible piece with a magical price and you don’t have any cash. So check their policy about payment before you go there.
  • Don’t buy things just to have some brands names. I did this mistake so many times. Just because, It’s cheaper than usual, don’t buy things if you are not likely to use it. I did this with beauty products and I am very disappointed with my decision.
The shoes: Mango