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My New Favorite Skincare: TULA

May 6, 2016

Lately I am the queen of beauty products.
To be honest I was not the best person to talk about beauty and skincare products whatsoever. Of course I have products  that I am using for my daily skincare routine. But when I am lucky enough to reach  all these products because of my blog, I started to use them carefully to tell you my honest opinion about them. 

The latest products I received from TULA via ShopStyle Collective campaign. I am serious that I was not so excited about new products because I am overwhelmed by all my new goodies. But TULA make me extremely happy with outcome, I really understand the difference with others and TULA. I can really feel probiotics in it and feeling of how good for my skin. I just love love the result of my new daily and weekly routine.

First of all my day and cream is easy to use not giving me a sticky feeling. After I wash my face in the morning, first thing I do is putting my TULA day cream to my face. (Water makes your face dehydrated so don’t forget to use a moisturizer cream before make up)

Secondly I love my exfoliating mask. I’m a troubled person with black heads so TULA’s mask my new hero.


I’ve never thought that I would love a product this much. I’m so curious about their Purifying Face Cleanser, Multitasking Detox Duo and Revitalizing Eye Cream (need to get rid of dark circles)

I have great news for you, too. You have 20% off if you would like to try TULA’s incredible technology. Use SHOP20 code to receive your 20% off and free shipment.

Happy Shopping