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Nasty Gal’s Nasty iPad App

February 8, 2014

I loooove Nasty Gal and its gorgeous #GIRLBOSS @Sophia Amoruso. Just google her and get the idea of NastyGal.

I discovered NastyGal mid. 2012 which was”the fastest growing companies” by Inc. Magazine in 2012.  Nasty Gal’s philosophy  just tells you independent, confident young ladies wear. It was kind a unusual for me at that time. Because I just moved to New York during that period of time. And I just start to discover different perspective of fashion.

You know European fashion brands like Zara, Mango. They are more usual woman wears. My taste of fashion was bland not exciting and kaleidoscopic. Whenever I start to hang around in Village or Williamsburg, I become more brave about what I wear.

As always I talked around to much instead of what I really want to talk. I am gonna make short review for NastyGal’s ipad app. Approximately 2 month agoWhen I first downloaded, the app had loading issues. I guess they solve that problem. It didn’t break down when I scrolled down at this time.

But this time It takes too much time to show new items when I scrolled it down. You can see screenshot that I took while the new items were downloaded.




The worst one is below as you can see, After wait for a while to see new items, I jumped into another category all prices were shown $0.00. I wish they all were $0.00 so I could buy every single item on it. 🙂


I clicked Sale category and all prices were $0.00



I was on Vintage category


and Accessories

I know in this time, the company is not start-up not even from NYC. But I love Nasty Gal and I want to write about it.

Btw If you love NastyGal as much as me and inspired by its gorgeous CEO, You can read about her story. Make preorder her book on Amazon.