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My Superstitious Beliefs About Pregnancy: Hair

December 14, 2017

It is incredible that I’ve already given birth to my twin babies. Today is their 105th day in this world. We have an incredible joy in our lives with their arrival. Everything seems very easy right now but It wasn’t like that when I was pregnant and you were my number 1 witness of that. I want to talk about something fun about it today, my superstitious beliefs about pregnancy and my hair.

Through this journey, I had some superstitious beliefs that I was enjoying. My beliefs are not the crazy ones. I want to enjoy it because I generally don’t believe in this kind of craziness. I am more of a science person. Always try to understand my religious belief with some kind of logic. So these things I learned through my journey was actually very fun. Take a closer look at my superstitious beliefs during pregnancy especially the one about my hair.

Cutting Hair During Pregnancy

I want to cut my hair so bad when I went back to Turkey in last April. I was four months of pregnancy. My mom immediately said that I should not have cut my hair because cutting hair during pregnancy means “cutting life from your child”. I did know about this before but I hadn’t been paying attention as I was now. 🙂

Normally, I don’t believe in this but I didn’t want to risk it this time. 🙂 at the end It’s a good thing about my children. There is another reason why I didn’t cut my hair other than this superstitious belief. I also want it to keep it longer for a while. My hair generally grows very very slow. But with the pregnancy hormones, my hair grew very fast and It was shining even though I needed it that cut for so bad. I had the worse split ends.

After my pregnancy ended, I got this complimentary hair styling from one of my favourite hair brands called Aveda. I was so excited about this new haircut because It has been so long that I didn’t have a haircut. And I also love this little “me” time.

I went to FourteenJay Salon in Tribeca. My hair stylist name was John. He is the greatest. This is the first time I met him and I think we clicked right away. He did a little treat for my hair, first. I needed that so bad because all the stress during my delivery and after the babies were born not getting sleep right and having busy all the time, I couldn’t take care of my hair as I usually do. I’ve never had soft hair this much ever in my life. I asked him what he used on my hair for you. You know, I am always very serious about hair. Because I know the struggle and know how important a healthy good hair.

He sent me the whole list of products he used for my hair treatment. He used Aveda Dry Remedy Penetrating Moisture Treatment then Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight and Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo.

I can’t wait to buy all these products to have that great feeling again. Trust me my hair was soft as Umay and Aybike’s. <3

John also did a great job on my haircut. Most hair stylists do whatever they like. I’ve always had this problem when I try to only cut my split ends. I always ended up with a very short hair. First, he listened what I am looking for then I got the hair treatment with the perfect Aveda products. Then he cut my hair in just the perfect length as I wanted. I have the ideal length now so I can easily grow my hair faster. We’ve also added the bangs that actually was my signature thing through my entire college years. I really love this new me, because It also looks like the old me. 🙂

Finding a great hair care products and a salon is a real deal. Believe me, the struggle is real in the cities like NY. I am very happy that I’ve found my ideal place for hair styling, finally. Thanks to Aveda for that. 😉