Rodan Fields Intensive Renewing Serum

How to Get Even, Youthful-Looking Skin Tone in Just a Week? My Review of Rodan + Fields Intensive Renewing Serum

P.S. “Thanks to Rodan + Fields for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

I will be 33 next month, and I am not new to wrinkles and lines. I actually think I am blessed with my mom’s DNA. She is not like me, never been a considerable skincare follower. She uses moisturizers here and there but nothing more. And I am surprised to see her with not that many lines.

Although I don’t suffer from that many fine lines, I have lines on my forehead since my late 20s. I also have smile lines (nasolabial fold) because I talk so much. Lol. But maybe because I have very distinguishable cheekbones.

RF first day
The first Day I used Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum.

Another problem for my skin is uneven skin tone. In my mid-20s, I wouldn’t understand what uneven skin tone means—those good old days. My bliss of ignorance 🙂 For the last couple of years, after my pregnancy, to be exact, I start to see an uneven skin tone on my face and my throat area.

When it comes to my skin, I have good and bad days. Sometimes I feel so healthy and love my skin. Sometimes I look drained and exhausted even though I continue my regular skincare routine. No matter what, I know I need some help and decided to work on wrinkles and my complexion, mostly uneven skin tone. Anti-aging products are knocking on my door for a while. And I think I should respond it these days.

Discovering Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum

I have used Rodan + Fields’ multiple products before. Active Hydration Serum is one of my favorite day time serum. And also, Pore Cleansing MD System I use for nose and chin. (See my Instagram share here) I also had a chance to try Recharge Detox Mask. But I think I love Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum the most lately.

Rodan Fields serum

I have started to use this product since July 20th, and it will be more than 30 days of use when I publish this post. I can’t imagine how I feel after I finish all of the 60 capsules. I already feel like my skin looks plumper and younger-looking. The most important effect on my skin is making my skin tone look more even. I haven’t used the foundation for my daily makeup routine since I have started Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum.

I absolutely fell in love with my even skin complexion just after the first week of use. The serum is absolutely perfect in terms of texture and feel. I generally don’t like it if the serum or the cream is so dense and getting the sticky feeling afterward.

How to Use Intensive Renewing Serum?

I use this serum for my nightly routine. I suggest you use the products with ingredients with Vitamin A at night. Because sunlight can diminish their power.

Prepare Serum
Serum prepare 2

I first wash my face, double cleansing if I had makeup during the day. Then I use my rose water as a toner. Five seconds later, I use my Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum capsule starting from my lines and then the rest of my face and throat area. I avoid the eye area. Then I use my night moisturizers. Following with my eye cream.

serum application 2
Serum application

By the way, the amount of serum in a single capsule is absolutely perfect. It doesn’t overwhelm your skin. The texture is very smooth, almost like a velvety feeling.

serum application 3

By the morning, my skin looks plump, smooth, and definitely appears to be healthy, even if I have a little sleep. (twin mom alert!!)

The Ingredients and Technology Behind Intensive Renewing Serum

When I see these incredible effects on my skin, I want to get more in-depth information about it.

REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum comes in a very chic bottle with 60 capsules for 60 days of use. The capsules are biodegradable and made of plant-based gelatin coated in beeswax. Very easy to use. They look like sapphires, my favorite gemstone. As well as looking like a jewel piece, there is another reason for this dark-colored capsule form. By encapsulating Intensive Renewing Serum in single-use capsules, the formula is protected from light and oxygen to maintain potency.

with Rodan and Fields

Retinal-MD Technology used in the formula is important because one of the main components of this face serum is Retinal, a form of Vitamin A, which is more potent than Retinol. Retinal-MD Technology is more gentle than traditional Retinal for daily use because its calcium buffering system controls the time release of the Retinal so your skin won’t have too much at a given time. This nighttime serum boosts the skin’s natural renewing process to smoothen the visibility of your fine lines and wrinkles. This serum is also making your skin more vibrant, looking younger.

The other essential ingredient are Peptides. Peptides are amino acids that inform your skin to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and expression lines and create visibly firm skin.

RF 30th day
30th Day of Using The Serum

The Calcium Buffering System is another constituent of this serum. Calcium buffering system encapsulates the Retinal molecule to minimize the potential for irritation, making it gentle enough for almost all skin types. It’s designed to be used for 60 days (60 capsules).

Final Thoughts on REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum

As I mentioned earlier, I have the best feeling on my skin, especially getting even-looking skin tone. I need to use one more month to see the final effects on my speech lines and the fine wrinkles on my forehead.

The price of this product is $91 if you are a member of the PC Perks program. If not, it is $102. I think this price is very reasonable, considering how fast you start to see the results. You can use my CPU (cost per use) method to see the value. 1 capsule is $1.7 when you think about the technology behind it and how It really works. I believe it has significant value. Less than your daily coffee spend.

Rodan Fields Intense Renewing Serum

Skin is one of the most important organs we have. Often time, we oversee its needs. But it’s the first thing people see about you. It’s our job to protect and thrive its potential.

I will follow up on this post after my 60 days of use. I hope you enjoy this long but informative post. I love it when I write these kinds of posts with lots of research and experiences behind it.