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My latest Mirror Selfie Looks

January 6, 2016

There isn’t one new photo, right? Even though I might bought this giant new mirror for perfect blogger selfies.

Here is why.

Simply I can’t take a good photo with this new mirror.

Let’s go to the beginning of the story!


I used to live in Upper East Side. My tiny UES  studio apartment didn’t have enough space to put a generously big mirror. So I used to take these shots with my building lobby mirrors. I wasn’t luck person ever! I never have a chance to share my shoes. Because those mirrors showed my body trunk only.


tell me about Karma! It is aphotoboom

tell me about Karma! It is a photo boom

If I insist to show my shoes, I had to take photos in the elevator which was dark and looked like Donald Trump’s Middle Eastern palace look Manhattan penthouse. Trouble haven’t finished here. Because I lived in 6th floor, until I got my right angle elevator already reach to the ground. 🙁

Look at this sad creature!!

Look at this sad creature!!

Finally I thought I am gonna took this awesome shots with my new eclectic mirror in my new hipster house.

Unfortunately I didn’t make a right calculation. First there is this huge l beam of light coming from back, and the mirror is really huge. I can’t get beautiful motifs of my gorgeous mirror and never get the right perspective of my looks. On top of everything It is really hard to hold this giant iPhone 6Plus in my tiny hands!!

I have only this stupid photo with this my new mirror. You didn’t see this on Instagram because I am embarrassed. Ok?

 You never believe guys try to live this fancy blogger life is so hard.

The mirror: World’d Market (similar here)

P.S.: main image is taken from