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Munich, I’m Sorry but You’re not Berlin

November 1, 2015

When we told people, we were going to go to Germany, everybody told us oh Munich was the best place in Germany. We were very excited about this.

Apparently, people’s taste can be very very different. Both Fatih and I weren’t impressed by Munich as everybody told us. I don’t know maybe I should live in there to understand but It wasn’t the same case for Berlin. We love Berlin so much, We talked about that can we live in Berlin if an opportunity occurs in the future.

Munich was a very standard European city for me with a town square nearby a big church or a city hall. It was an experience to climb Old Peter’s tower, though. I never took that many steps to a tower in my entire life. (There are 306 steps if I’m not mistaken. I don’t know maybe there is one more, the church roof in Strasbourg.) The tower must be nearly 300 feet tall, so It’s the best place to see old town from far far above. 🙂

We have only 2 days in Munich so we’ve been done very basic tourist attractions. Fatih’s one of the oldest friend lives in Munich. We spend some time together in Hofbräuhaus am Platzl where is historically very important beer hall. Apparently, this place was Lenin’s favorite beer garden. And we’ve been told by our friend that Adolf Hitler made one of his meetings in this very beer hall in 1920. Some people may think this place is very touristy but I think it was a good experience to have the very traditional beer drinking session with the crowd and cheer of Octoberfest. It reminds me my Erasmus years in Karlsruhe.

What is the other stuff to do in Munich? Of course drinking a hot chocolate!! One of the other favorite places of mine is Chocolaterie Beluga. They have the gorgeous chocolates. We bought 5 or 10 hot chocolate sticks. I worked so hard to buy from here with online orders but they don’t have an international shipping. Check Beluga here.

We decide to go to Dachau Concentration Camp on our last day in Munich. There are only a few camps in Germany. Dachau was one of them. They generally sent separatist like politicians, journalists, who are against to politics of Nazi Party. Later on, they started to fill the camp with Jews. It was very sad to see this facility. I was so ashamed of what happened to all these people and how the world still allows very same murders happens again and again. There is a train goes to Dachau, then you can take a free bus shuttle to the camp.

It’s for sure we learn a lot from our  Germany vacation. We’ve been told that mostly, Germans live in Munich. I don’t think It’s diverse as Berlin. Maybe we get used to living in a diverse city so much since we started to live in New York. Perhaps this is the reason why we like Berlin more over Munich.

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