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NYFW Michael Kors 2018 Fall Collection Review by Alley Girl

February 28, 2018
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When I love a fashion show I have this smirk on my face the piece after piece the excellence pass through runway show. To be honest, even though I like some shows I didn’t have that feeling for any of the shows this season in NYFW.

In my opinion, Michael Kors collection was bland, unfortunately. Nobody has a big expectation from him, still, he is one of the flagship brands of New York. We have expectations from him in some ways even though we love to hate him. It’s definitely different than Michael Kors we know for some pieces and for styling for the first couple of looks but still, I wasn’t “aww”.

Any designer can represent all the woman in the world in the sense of style. Kors dares to do so but can’t feeling that but mostly feeling confused. Probably again the styling makes everything blurred for me.

Michael Kors called to this collection  “a love letter to individual style.”

Source: Vogue

Even though I am harsh for this collection, I want to write about his collection. This shows me that this collection was a success. I found it’s worth writing about it. I don’t feel all the designers same way. This is why I only highlight some designers but not the all of them.

When we look at to entire fashion week definitely one of the most successful shows in terms of commercial purposes.

Lastly, It was a nice touch to show the collection in Lincoln Center. God, I love those good old days of Lincoln Center.

Source: Vogue

See my favourite Michael Kors Pieces

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What do you think about NYFW Michael Kors 2018 Fall Collection Review by Alley Girl? I hope you enjoy my fashion week reviews. I am trying to be transparent as possible. It’s hard to find a geniune review about fashion shows. People don’t wanna lose the opportunity of working with these brands I feel like nobody is being honest about their real feelings on these fashion shows.

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Designer: Michael Kors
Season: 2018 Fall
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Location: Lincoln Center

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