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My love for Vertical Stripes

July 19, 2016

I love stripes but love vertical stripes even more. When I was a child I always glare my father with a passion when he wears his vertical stripe suit. He wasn’t suit guy, he barely wears them but when he wears a suit, he looks the most handsome guy in the planet earth.

So when I started to study business, I was so excited to wear all this bad ass business style like you see in Forbes magazine. I thought I going to become that business woman with killer serious business, style with killer Louboutin shoes. I do have those great dress in my first job. I was sales development expert so I need to be presentable to sell stuff. 🙂

I bought this vertical stripes and pencil skirt dress. That was my favorite dress. I lost it between Istanbul and New York after I moved. And still couldn’t find “the dress” after my biggest lost 🙁

To me vertical stripes make to total look extremely strong, masculine and bad ass if there are not that much color involved! And It becomes fun style when there are color join the look. I purchase this Mango dress last week but apparently I purchase one or two size bigger. I need to return them. While my return process is running I decide to look more looks with vertical stripes.

And I come up with this list:

Fun Styles

Sophisticated Shirts

Bold Colorful Dresses

Playful Skirts