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Little No Label Black Dress

July 19, 2014

The black dress. Timeless, easy to wear and lifesaver.

And there are some dresses, they don’t have label but they have soul, spirit. This dress, I worn on 4th of July is same kind. My sister had bought for me before I packed up for college. Oh god, I love my sister how she understands her little sister and spoils her enough to feel beloved.

This dress has brand actually but probably you don’t have any idea what brand Park Bravo is. I love to wear dresses many many years. They remind me memories we have been together. This dress traveled with Germany, Venezia, Paris. We had so much fun together during my European years!

I always feel confident with it even in my bad mood days. Feel like It has some kind of magical powers.

Do you have any dresses like mine, never old and make you beautiful every time you wear?

Tell me about you and your lovely dresses.

Stay awesome!

alley girl

black dress

My friend’s dad look to Fatih while he takes my photos!



Dress: Park Bravo (old) (similar here)
Sandals: Ralph Lauren (similar here)
Necklace: Crafts and Love (similar here)
Bag: Calvin Klein (similar here)