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Lightweight WordPress Themes for Fashion Bloggers

February 22, 2018

You must have recognized that I’ve just changed my blog theme yesterday. A little bit out of boredom and little bit force by Fatih. The biggest drive was a need of fixing my speed issues on a WordPress theme. So I’ve decided to write “Lightweight WordPress Themes for Fashion Bloggers”.

I’ve actually really enjoyed using my previous theme with affiliate marketing link supports. It has so many great features in theory but all these extra features made my blog so slow. If the developer team codes the theme in a better way that shouldn’t be a problem at all. But unfortunately, even though they have great ideas, they couldn’t execute well. So be aware if you decided to buy the Glossy theme.

Before I’ve changed my theme, I had some future plans for my blog, this is why I was so hesitant to switch to a new theme so quickly. I checked a bunch of different themes through  that you can find thousands of them.

Dress: Zara | Boots: Marc Fisher (similar) | Bag: Vintage Chanel (similar here and here) | Hat: Free People | Sunglasses: Rayban | Belt: Asos

It’s good to be foresighted but that’s not always the case. In the long term, I want to change the direction of my blog as a lifestyle website for the young woman who lives in the metropolis. this is my goal but I don’t know for sure how things gonna change next couple of years. I am one of those people try to make a decision for next 4-5 years. That’s not always the best practice. While I am trying to figure it out about my blog’s identity (destiny) I was loosing so many visitors because of my very slow blog.

Why is it important to have a fast website?

Akamai study shows us that almost half of the web users are expecting a site to load in maximum 2 seconds or less. If the webpage they visit, isn’t loaded within 3 seconds, the visitors tend to abandon the site. How horrible is that? imagine how much time you spend on a blog post. Personally, I spend at least 3 hours to create a blog post. Most people only think we write the random subject in a 15 min. Then sit there take cute photos and make money for nothing. Behind the scene is the totally different scenario. And I am not gonna fight over this subject because this is totally a different one. I just wanna tell you this, it’s very crucial to have a good theme that loads fast.

Of course, It’s very nice to have all these fancy widgets and themes but why the fuss if your visitor just doesn’t wanna ait for forever. I mean let’s be honest, who blame them. How many times do you just go and click that X button in your browser because the damn page doesn’t load?

My solution is…

going with a simple design with fast loading. This is why I listen to my husband and take an action about my blog theme and finally change to this new one named Alder for good. I mean It’s not the best theme out there It even lacks some very basic features like writing as columns, footer widget section etc. but It was the best option for fastness.

And never forget that if you are a fashion blogger or any kind of blogger who has heavy content with the images, fastness is crucial for you. I know as an insider that you spend too much time on those beautiful photo shoots. Don’t ever forget to resize your photos. if your single photo is more than 3 megabytes (wow killer image that is, I believe It’s just beautiful with all the clear details) consider your visitors already out of the door. I know you have at least 10 of those beautiful high-resolution professional photographer taken photos.  Can you imagine how slow does your website is with all the burden on its shoulder?

I hope you take your sh*t together and finally decide to change your beloved blog theme. Lightweight WordPress Themes for Fashion Bloggers is a very important decision to make.

Next Week: Responsive WordPress Themes for Fashion Bloggers for Good.