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Let’s Be Ugly with Skirt Over Pants

March 4, 2015

Freedom is rising on fashion. After I read the article on BOF about ugliness in Milan Fashion Week, I decided to wear this outfit copule days ago. The idea of wearing pants under skirt cannot be appetitive. Fashion’s beauty is made with a little uggliness today and It doesn’t feel bad at all.


I tried to pull this of and I think I did.The key thing is “confidence” for this kind of look that you are not so sure about. I was confident with my look and I feel like “I don’t give a sh*t what people think about my look” This is the attitude what you need.

Aand the others who look like rockstar with their skirt-over-pants-look.


Yasmin Sewell – Creative Director Etre Cecile and Paper Mache Tiger


Sarah Jessica Paker


Leandra Medine a.k.a. ManRepeller a.k.a. the queen of skirt-over-pants

I have another reason to feel that much confident about my look. The reason was my mum. She did wear like this at least 38 years ago! She used to wear skirts with pants during her youth! I don’t think she was trying to do fashion statement. She lived in a small city and It was not quite ok to wear mini skirts without pants.


My mum when she was 14. (I guess?)

Unfortunately women are still forced about their apperance (about their weight for example) in today’s world. For example most of the people don’t know the fact that Iran was a secular country once and woman could wear whatever they want.

Actually Iranian woman is the one of most beautiful women. And in this video which I want to share shows you how different Iran was once.

These videos are made by You can also find one for USA.

The earth is 4.54 billion years old and we still discuss over gender equality!

And the woman who is free to wear whatever she wants, please be free and wear whatever you want. Don’t overthink about the people you never see again on the street.

Be ugly, be ridicious, be yourself! 


So what do you think of my version of skirt over pants?

My mom’s or mine?

P.S.Header photo is from Haider Ackermann 2013 SS Colection