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Isabel Marant Sneakers Review – Are They Comfortable?

July 20, 2021

It was a warm Miami Holiday season and was a very different one that I have lived for the last 7 years in New York. Not that I dislike warm weather, but all setup was so different that it makes me long for an expensive self-gift for the holiday. And I found these Isabel Marant sneakers on sale at Did I believe in my eyes? No. Because Isabel Marant Beth Sneakers are $385 normally. And these sneakers were only $180. Was I crazy enough to spend $180 on sneakers? Damn, right I was!!

It didn’t work in the end! I purchased the shoes, but Modeoperandi canceled my order because they are not great at stock management and disappointed me right before Christmas. I felt ashamed because I felt like a little kid that creating a tantrum after a toy.

But I am mature enough to know that everything happens for a reason. Later on, I found a better option from Isabel Marant.

A Velcro Beth Sneakers. 🔥🔥

The previous one was lace-up sneakers. And there is nothing more than Velcro sneakers I want from a shoe since I was a little kid. I paid a little more, but It totally worths it.

Isabel Marant Beth Sneakers – $495 (Lace up)

Isabel Marant Beth Sneakers Review

I own Isabel Marant sneakers for the last 2 years now, and I feel like. It’s a perfect time to digest and talk about this sneakers to review it. I have worn the sneakers a thousand times now, so I’ll explain all the pros and cons now.

The Comfort

Isabel Marant Sneakers are definitely very comfortable. But Is it the most comfortable sneakers on the planet? I doubt that. I have these PUMA Vikky v2 Women’s Sneakers from years ago. I swear by them that one of the most comfortable sneakers. Yet, they are only $55 for years. So Isabel Marant sneakers are comfortable, but you don’t have to pay $385 for comfort. You pay that price for the coolness effect of the brand.

But If you are telling me that It’s ok, I want something from Isabel Marant; these sneakers are definitely worth investing in.

Beth Velcro Leather Sneakers – $385 in black

The Price

Comparing other luxury brand sneakers Isabel Marant sneakers on the affordable side. Also when I purchased these sneakers 2 years ago They were $350. And I bought them for $220 on sale. Very same Isabel Marant Beth sneakers start from $385 today. I even saw them for $485.😱 So that’s why I said they are worth investing. I can sell my sneakers today from the same price I pay with this incredible price raise.

Hovewer They are still expensive shoes comparing trendy shoes from Adidas, Nike etc. Cute and chic but expensive.

The Sizing – Do Isabel Marant Sneakers Run Small?

ISABEL MARANT Beth suede-trimmed leather sneakers – $385
Net-a-Porter %10 off in your first order

Yes and No.

Yes, If you wear 37 EU normally, you have to pick 38 FR size. No, This is nothing to do with they run small but simply country-based sizing difference. I bought my sneakers from And Matchesfashion explained so well the size chart, so I knew I have to go with 38 FR. And Voila! My shoes were in a perfect size.

So definitely check the chart on the website you purchase carefully because some websites put the only US sizing on their website. To make sure contact the sales representative to be sure.

Of course, when you first wear it, It can feel a little bit stiff, but that goes away eventually.

The Cleaning

This is perhaps the most annoying part for me. Beth Sneakers have a suede finish. If you are a mom like me with two little kiddos, be aware that it gets dirty so easily. My twins were 2 years old when I purchased these sneakers. So they were always stepping on my shoes 🥺 suede is a nightmare for cleaning.

Considering amount of money you pay for it, It’s little too high maintenance for a mom.

Isabel Marant Suede Sneakers – $330
SSense %70 Mark down

The Quality

This is the second ever item I own from Isabel Marant. So I can’t talk for other styles and items for Isabel Marant confidentally. But Isabel Marant Beth sneakers are very quality. I don’t see any issue about construction of the shoes. Mines didn’t have any wrinkles from bending my foot etc.

The Conclusion

I highly recommend Isabel Marant shoes for spoiling yourself every once in a while. But don’t fool yourself as you are only looking for a very comfortable shoes that’s why paying so $$$ for it. Although I find Isabel Marant sneakers very comfortable, they are mostly for trendy chicness and brand name.

I hope you enjoy my Isabel Marant sneakers review and insight. I am here to answer all your questions. Leave a comment if you have any hesitance.

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Believe it or nor according to NYT these questionable fashion shoes must have a comeback next couple of seasons. Embrace yourself 😣

Isabel Marant Sneakers Review
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Isabel Marant Sneakers Review
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