How do I Make More Money on Steemit Than My Blog?

After I become a mom, my priorities changed. I used to see my blog as more about my creative outcome. Not anymore. I am looking at more blog as my job now. After having twin babies, I stop working at my old job but be a full-time blogger instead. Every single time that I spend on my blog means I steal the time from my babies. This is why I don’t do free product endorsement anymore.

If I am putting some work on my blog I have to monetize my blog and my earning better than ever because I hate feeling guilty when I am not with my babies. So I started to make more research and more quality thinking on my blog posts. So while I am doing my research, I came across to this amazing community called Steemit.

Steemit is something I have been crazy about lately. It’s not only the way make more money than your blog, but It has this amazing community that supports each other. While you are reading this, people are making thousands of money by liking the posts or something on them. It sounds amazing, isn’t it?

As always I am not gonna bore you with technical details (and I am not that geek either) and try to explain the platform as much easy as possible.

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So What is Steemit?

Most of the people think that Steemit mostly functions like Reddit. But there is a totally different background setup.

Firsts of all, all the Steemit users get paid for their actions. The content creators get paid when they get upvoted and get comments.And the commenters get paid when they comment simply.

And the best part, you don’t have to spend a penny to get started on this platform. You simply create a Steemit account.

How do I make More Money on Steemit than my Blog?

So It takes some time to make money on Steemit. It’s not gonna happen a magic when you simply write blog posts or randomly start to comment on others, you wish.

I have been on this platform for 5 days now. And I am already making more than my 4-year-old blog (I am talking here about my Adsense ad revenue but not the sponsored posts). My simple 5 steps to getting there slow by slow.

  • Start to Chat with People

This is the most important thing when you first start to be on this platform. Why? Because you don’t have any idea about the details of this platform. You can simply stay in the limbo for a very very long time. So just create an account for Steemit Chat. Start to talk with people in random topics. That’s the best way to “break the ice”.

I remembered my first question was “How do you find new Star Wars Movie?”. After this question, some people answered me then we start to chitchat. Then finally, I asked them about some chat groups related to my topics. And One of the users invited me some of the groups. This is how I meet other like-minded people.

I was way too excited to be on the platform, I kind of forget to create an introduction post. After I started to chat about the platform and asking people how can I recognized by others, multiple users told me that I need to create an Introduction Post to tell more about myself to others.

That is the best way give a glimpse into your interest, posts and yourself, simply. Check mine from here.

  • Don’t Be Money Focussed

I know this sounds a little bit cliché but that’s the biggest truth in all the social media platforms. As long as true to yourself and your passion, you are gonna make it along the way. When you created unique, different, heartwarming articles, people are going to want to read your article.

Be relatable and show your individuality; upvotes, comments and the popularity you are seeking find you well and easy.

  • Be Part of Communities and Support Others

All these groups and communities are ready to support newbies. People are way nicer than from Facebook groups or some bloggers from Instagram. So far I haven’t met anybody is ready to kill for followers or upvotes (like some of the  Instagram influencers do.). If you are not annoying and start to ask for upvotes or follow, people are very nice. They start to follow you without you asking them to.

So the first thing is clear, make some friends.  If you can make the powerful friends ( who has more SteemPower) that would be a secret weapon when you get upvoted by those.

How do I Make More Money on Steemit than my blog

  • Timing is Everything

Besides all of that, your final goal is certainly monetizing your blog. After 7 days, you first payout ends. You can get upvotes, but you won’t earn anymore towards the payout. So you should be more aggressive to promote your latest content in all the promoting communities and chat channels.

These are the things I thought the best newbie solutions to start making money on Steemit.

PS. I made $8.52 in last 5 days and I made $5.44 in 1 month on Adsense. You figure it out how can I be more successful on this great platform.

I hope you enjoy my guide to Steemit. Find me as @alleygirl