How did I Overcome of My Hate for Reading When I was a Teenager?

June 18, 2019
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I was never a huge fan of reading when I was a kid. Neither my parent weren’t reading nor my older brother or sister back then. This was all about the equation of cultural and economical result.

But at the same time, I was suffering from difficulty of reading. Apparently, “One estimate is that about 10 million children have difficulties learning to read.*. I don’t think I have Dyslexia, because I was enjoying all the other lectures and studies in my elementary school and I was great at Math, Social Studies and Science. Just don’t like reading at all. I knew reading is something important and I wanted to cure myself so badly at that young age.

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I remembered that I borrowed so many books from our classroom library for my midterm holiday. Rapunzel, Pied Piper of Hamelin, 2 Year’s Vacation by Jules Verne etc. I just so hated reading that my mind was all around the place and I couldn’t concentrate on what I was reading at all. I kept checking the clock if my 1 hour was done for every 5 minutes.

After that disastrous attempt to learning to love reading, I just gave up forcing myself to read.

How did I Overcome of My Hate for Reading When I was a Teenager?

It was the time of my thirteen years old. I was so bored in my room and I happened to touch one of my sister’s book that I knew she borrowed from her classmate. The book was about a girl whose parents decided to get a divorce and she has to move from one big city to another. I didn’t have such a problem back then but felt like she was so relatable and the book was so easy. The writer wrote the book as a diary. So I was reading her diary. I almost felt like she was talking to me.

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I just realized I just read 50 pages at once. And It was a miracle for me. I had never ever passed 5-10 pages barrier before I got bored to hell. I finished the book then I realized the book was series. And I actually started reading from the second book. So I asked my brother that if he can buy me the rest of the whole series.

Once I got hooked up by reading books, I realized what was the problem before. I just couldn’t find the connection between me and the story. I also blame all the translation of the books. If the translation is bad you can’t make a child concentrate. (I was trying to read all these children stories in Turkish since that was my mother tongue.) After I realized my concentration problem It was easy to read.

So What is The Solution?

I still have the problem of concentration but now, I realize so quickly that even though my eyes read the book, my mind is thinking all sorts of things. I am so lucky even though there is no one to help to overcomes my issue, I find the best book for me to love reading just with the luck.

My best solution is the picturing the scenes from the book as It’s a movie.

Finding the stories inspires me, excites me. (I love Fantasy books because it’s really good to have all those magic and stuff to have a chance to beat the bad.)

I actually write this story for young adults and teenagers who are struggling to read books. I hope my tips are helpful so you can also start your magical reading journey. Thanks for reading “How did I Overcome of My Hate for Reading When I was a Teenager?”

This post is published when I was in LA for 2 months during my slow cross country adventure.