Gucci Rubber Slide Platform Sandals Review

Almost two months back, I write about my favorite Gucci bag. Such a shame I hadn’t written about it when I first had them.

I received so many good comments messages about my reviews lately. I think more and more people are interested in my reviews. And I want to create this Gucci Rubber Slide Platform Sandals Review now because I don’t want to lose time with my twins and again forget about writing these.

This post has been updated in 2022.

Gucci Rubber Slide Platform Sandals black
Gucci Women’s rubber slide sandal – $390
Saks Fifth, Farfetch, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Ssense ($380), Luisaviaroma, Matchesfashion
Gucci Rubber Platform Sandals Review
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Thank you for encouranging me to create these review posts. You can see all my other reviews under the review tag.

I think these Gucci slide sandals will become extremely popular this summer. But also good investment pieve for everyday chicness.

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Design of Gucci Rubber Platform Sandals

In my previous Gucci review, a couple of my readers use my affiliate links to purchase this gorgeous heeled slide sandals. Even though I shared these sandals in the first place, I didn’t realize how cute they were. So I decided to purchase myself. (my Gucci Rubber Platform Sandals review may chance according to my experience over time.)

These sandals are pre-order status right now. Because they are in fact from the 2020 Pre-Fall collection. So I haven’t received them yet, I think pandemic also makes to receive them takes some time. But I have a feeling that I can receive them any day now. So my photos come a little bit later.

The Quality of Gucci Rubber Sandals

But I couldn’t help myself but create this post right now. And I collect some beautiful styling options via IG. Every single comment on them in any retailer is 5 stars.

I think they are perfect for summer. They are durable because of the material and easy to clean during summer vacations. You can easily wash them down if you wear them at the beach. But try to avoid SPF and extreme sun exposure if you want to wear them for years and years.

These sandal materials are also from Gucci’s responsible lines. The sandals are made in Italy btw.

Perfectly can be elevated or style down because they look sporty. If you are obsessed with the 90s, these are the sandals you should purchase this summer.

Also, there are some expensive Gucci Sandals alternatives like this one below. If you don’t want to spend that many dollars, you can go with these more affordable options. What I also like about these sandals are they are not so crazy with logomania. Although you can clearly see Gucci wrote on top but still subtle branding because the texture of the logo same as the rubber material.
Women’s slide sandal with Horsebit – $790
Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Farfetch, Nordstrom, Luisaviaroma

These Gucci rubber heel sandals can easily replace Chanel plastic slides from last year. Do you remember them? Every single fashion girl owned them last year. But they were pricey compared to these Gucci heeled slides.

Favourite Gucci Rubber Sandals

I think this is an excellent opportunity to own a designer brand piece but not for a crazy expensive price tag. You can still wait for someone to sell them on platforms like The Real Real or Vestaire Collective.

Gucci Rubber Platform Sandals blue
Women’s rubber slide sandal – $390
Farfetch, Nordstrom
Gucci Rubber Platform Sandals pink
Gucci Women’s rubber slide sandal – $390
Saks 5th, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, MYTHERESA, Farfetch, Luisaviaroma
Gucci Rubber heel Sandals yellow
Gucci Women’s rubber slide sandal -$390
Gucci Women’s slide sandal with logo – $390
Farfetch, Ssense, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue (Pre-order) , Nordstrom
Women’s slide sandal with Gucci logo in blue rubber – $390
Farfetch, Saks Fifth Avenue,
Gucci Rubber Platform Sandals
Women’s slide sandal with Gucci logo in transparent red – $390
Luisaviaroma, Farfetch
Gucci Rubber Slides glow in dark white – $390
Green Rubber Sandals by Gucci – $390 Bloomingdales
Gucci Rubber Platform Sandals
Gucci logo low-heel slide sandals – $390

Please tell me which colour do you like the most?

This is My Next Target

Gucci Women’s sandal with mini Double G – $590
Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue
Women’s platform perforated G sandal $490

Until next time, stay Awesome.