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Flashpod: New Way to Share Moments

September 1, 2015

I am total social media person since the beginning. So that I found my very first job via Social Media.

I met with social media in 2009. Since then we have quite good friendship. I think We are good because I know my barriers. I know what to share and what not to. I know what to talk about the world and what not talk to for my insanity’s sake. I don’t agree with sharing every single details of personal life through social media but at the same time I don’t judge people who do that.

It is one of the biggest questions marks of mine if I share my baby’s photo on my social media accounts one day. I still don’t know the answer but at the time I think It is not fair for my baby to share him/her photo without him/her being aware of what is going on. So I am open to debate.

Because I am digital media and marketing expert and work for app development lab. I always like to try new tools and apps which make your life easier. My company also wants to find the ways to make everybody’s life easier. Some of you know that I working the app called Moonit. Moonit is one of those apps that helps you to meet someone new from all around the world and share anything you like.


We challenge ourself and try to find a solution for a big problem. And we crated this new app called Flashpod now. It is private photo messaging app between group of friends and families. I created my Berlin- Prague trip‘s photo pod in this app and I want to invite you to this pod to show how it is working.

It is much more easy to share with all of my friends and my family. I don’t like to share every single and stupid photo with my friends on Facebook. And sometimes you push to add even your elementary school friend on FB and I don’t want them to know every single thing in my life. I needed social but somehow secret app for a long time. Flashpod was born with these kind of needs.

It is perfect app for your baby (for people like me), perfect for your wedding day (people for prefer intimate wedding) perfect for office environments (best way to keep funny stuff without showing everybody in other platforms) perfect for event planners (they can guarantee privacy for secret events) and kinder gardens (privately share the kids’ photo with classmate families) finally perfect for teenagers ( I wish we have this app when I was in high school, perfect for #youcantsitwithus girls)

So why not give a try to this new app if you need little bit privacy in your life.

Join my Germany Trip POD via this code (47s5)

Download the app via App Store or Google Play. And

Stay awesome…