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Dumbo, The Wall Street of Tech Guys

September 3, 2016

I continue my New York guide from Dumbo, Brooklyn. If you are planning to visit New York, So check my previous Times Square, Flatiron, West Village posts.

Dumbo’s popularity has started around 198os. After one of the most famous management company (Two Trees Management)  started to buy properties, people started set eye on this area and couple more neighborhood in Brooklyn like Williamsburg. It is obvious whenever artist go somewhere, that place become “the place”.

Some says first artist, then gay community finally tech guys discover “the places”. It happened same thing in Williamsburg, too.

I’ve never been a huge admirer of this neighborhood . The night life is not that exciting as Williamsburg, West Village or East Village. When you come to here during the day or weekends it has nice vibe, through. There is this flea market kind of bazaar near by Manhattan Bridge. There was this art festival but I think it was cancelled last year. What a shame. You see art everywhere on the streets for 3 day – festival. The very same company which made this place, “the place” was the key sponsor.

Above all I consider Dumbo “the Wall Street of tech guys” for the most of time. There are so many digital agency’s and tech start ups here. If you are working in digital world, you probably attend one or two tech events in Dumbo. Apparently you are going to see them more and more in here.

I want to share our shooting in Dumbo this time. We have great time with my brother and the all greean spaces near by East River. I kept telling which bridge was the Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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Shirt: Zara, Maxi Skirt: Vintage (plated version from Tibi) , Shoes: Steve Madden Strap Sandals, Bag: Michael Kors (similar), Statement Necklace: Williamsburg Flea Market (in Ruby color)




While my brother is showing some shot, I am still posing for Fatih <3


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P.S. This blur corner is because of removing unidenfied woman. I don’t wanna put her face without getting her permission. P.S.-2: I am not that skinny, It is just an angle. (I wish, though)

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It was a beautiful day and Dumbo has never been look this beautiful to my eyes.