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Danse Lente Mini Johnny Bucket Bag Review

February 3, 2020

I can’t remember where I have seen Danse Lente Mini Jonny Bag review for the first time. Remember, It was the IT bag in the winter of 2017.

I fall in love with the structured geometrical shape of this bag. It wasn’t the same style of bucket bag we know from Mansur Gavriel’s design. Do you remember that bucket bag? Everyone was obsessed with that bag in 2015. It becomes a classic bag, though, now.

Danse Lente Mini Johnny Bag is a different kind of classic. It is a classic piece that an excellent example for all the aspiring independent designers that they can do it. You can’t have to be Gucci or Chanel to selling bags to rich, cool girls of the fashion world.

Danse Lente Mini Johnny Bag Review
Matchesfashion.com $430

Danse Lente Mini Johnny Bag Review

When I first put my eyes on this bag, I wanted to buy the one with a pink handle and back body. The bag is so more popular with two-toned versions. But then I decided this would be an expensive purchase for me, and I decided to go in a classic black color. If you bought something worth more than $250 and thought your purchase decision is more than twice, $250 is too much for you to spend. So if you spend too much money on something, always go with classic colors like black, beige, white or grey.

I wanted to buy this bag so much because I am extremely into the geometrical structural bag, accessories even home decor stuff. That’s why I must buy this iconic bag.

Almost every major retailer is selling Danse Lente now. I went with Netaporter when I decided to buy it. For some reason, I am not pleased with my decision. Because my package was awful when I receive the box, see in below on my video. I was feeling sad in the end. I paid $350 for my bag and looked at how I received the item I was waiting for such a long time.

The Review

Danse Lente Mini Johnny colour $365

The leather: About the bag itself, this bag is very made. The leather looks so quality and very sturdy. Maybe too sturdy if you feel softer leather goods. It’s very polished if I have a single scratch. It’s going to be so obvious, so be aware of that.

The Structure: It’s not a fault if we say this bag is, in fact, a bucket bag. I love the shape and structure, but the thing is, the closing part on the top is too dense. It’s hard to put some stuff inside and to get back from it.

Features: The bag has two straps. One is the wipe handle. The other is the crossbody strap. The problem is I wanted to carry this bag as a handbag. I don’t think It looks flattering if I carry it around with a crossbody strap. So when I try to remove the crossbody strap, I was having a tough time removing it.

But this is my choice not to carry around with a crossbody strap. So many others carry that way, they are OK with it.

The Value: I bought this bag for $350. I think the value is suitable for this bag. It should be somewhere between 250-350, and I think that’s fair. If you want to pay less, you can always check the websites like Real Real. There are these items like new, that’s a total bargain. Check it out.

Overall I love my purchase. I hope you found my review helpful. And I think It’s good to support independent, emerging designers. It’s like fresh air from logomania.

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