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Cute Sweaters Are In, Shop 20 Of Our Faves

Sweater weather is upon us and I couldn’t be more pumped. Like I’ve stated before, fall is my all-time favorite season. I’m literally counting down the days until I can wear a proper sweater again without potentially overheating. Luckily, fashion experts and insiders alike all agree that cute sweaters never go out of style which is why I want to share 20 of our favorites. Let’s get down to business.

Knit Sweaters

A tried and true staple of fall — knitted sweaters. Everyone should own at least one.

A woman wearing an oversized rose gold knit sweater.
Nebi Crunchy Knit Sweater| $298
A woman wearing an oversized tan knit sweater.
Teale Knit Sweater | $99
A woman wearing a white knit sweater tucked into high waisted jeans.
Mixed Cable Knit Sweater | $85
A woman wearing a dark green knit sweater tucked into a leather skirt.
Juniper Knit Cable Sweater | $41
A woman wearing a yellow knit sweater tucked into a yellow plaid skirt.
Nice Knits Sweater | $40

Wrap Sweaters

Wrap sweaters are basically the IT sweaters for Fall 2019. Stay ahead of this trend with this chic selection.

A woman wearing a burnt orange wrap sweater with a leopard print skirt.
Lyla Wrap Sweater | $148
A woman wearing a puffy, cream colored knit wrap sweater.
Alona Wrap Sweater| $78
A woman wearing a leopard print knit wrap sweater with a black latex skirt.
Lovers + Friends Leopard Wrap Sweater | $73
A woman wearing a tan, cropped knit wrap sweater with an orange skirt.
Tularosa Sari Wrap Sweater | $54
A woman wearing a black knit wrap sweater with high waisted jeans.
Tularosa Folly Wrap Sweater | $39


It would be criminal to not include any cardigans on a list of cute sweaters so here are our top picks.

A woman wearing a tan buttoned Tularosa cardigan sweater off of one shoulder.
Tularosa Clementine Cardi | $123
A woman wearing a long brown cardigan sweater from REVOLVE.
Lovers + Friends Relaxin Sweater Cardigan | $119
A woman wearing a long orange ribbed cardigan sweater.
Ribbed Cardigan Duster | $118
A woman wearing a cropped black cardigan sweater with a gingham print skirt.
Lovers + Friends Wylie Crop Cardi | $85
A woman wearing a white open front cardigan from REVOLVE.
Open Front Cardigan | $66


Pullover sweaters are massively underrated. I love the casual, laid back vibe of a pullover paired with a distressed jean.

A woman wearing a graphic pullover sweater that features a howling wolf and the word ‘wilder’.
The Alpaca Boxy Pullover Sweater  | $385
A woman wearing a tan fringe pullover sweater.
Chaser Slinky Fringe Pullover Sweater | $77
A woman wearing a striped patch pocket pullover sweater.
Patch Pocket Pullover Sweater | $75
A posing woman wearing an orange faux wrap pullover sweater.
Faux Wrap Pullover Sweater | $39.97
A blonde woman wearing a cropped white pullover sweater.
Christie Pullover Sweater | $37

I hope you all enjoyed these super cute sweaters. I’m curious, what is your favorite type of sweater to wear in the fall?