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Color Fur Coats are on Trend

January 30, 2016

I’m crazy about this color fur coats lately even though I’ve never been a huge fan of fur itself.

Firstly of course, I am against to  real furs. Secondly I feel like I look fat when I wear a fur coat. I am not that tiny slim girl not to look like this giant person but has a midget height. But I start to fancy furs last couple of years. Especially I like the ones with interesting colors. I put my eye on this purple, gray, forest green and black mixed one. It was the most slim one on

Literally everybody keeps asking me about my coat. There is this truck driver guy in my new neighborhood Williamsburg. He was yelling at me the other day “I love your coat”. So I guess I nailed this fur coat business. So in the honor of  sale month’s I decide to write about fur coats. If you like something too much don’t hesitate about your body image. Because with loving your own look, you already gonna give that stylish vibe to everybody around you.

I select my favorite coats which are on sale right on in below.

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color fur coats