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Chanel Resort Wear 2020 Collection Review

June 17, 2019

It’s that time again. If you haven’t noticed both Betül and I at Alley Girl live for Chanel. You can find our previous reviews on Chanel here and here. The brand is so iconic and classic. Following the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, seeing the Chanel 2020 Resort Wear Collection on the runway is bittersweet. This time, the show was curated by the new creative director Virginie Viard. Join us as we review (or rant about) our favorite classy cruise looks from Chanel this upcoming season.

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The Looks

Look 7

With t-shirt dresses being super trendy, I really appreciate the elevation and evolution of style in this first look. The incorporation of a blouse reads sophiscated and chic with its structured collar and shining buttons. The dark royal blue handbag also stands out with the trademark Chanel stitching.

Look 18

Despite the fact that I’m not personally a huge fan of blazers, I enjoy all of the textures and patterns in this one. However, the remixed monogram Chanel jumpsuit is to die for. The skinny red belt is reminiscent of a ribbon one would use to wrap presents which is fitting because this ‘fit is a gift.

Look 29

This third look just screams resort. I could very well see an esteemed lady wearing this to an early brunch or as she lounges on a veranda with a good book. I especially love the logo’d robe, but what’s underneath is my favorite part. The floral pattern is pretty, but not overpowering and I love the simplicity of the rest of the piece. As always, the bold Chanel bag deserves a mention.

Look 68

So I actually counted the number of layers on the skirt of this dress and there’s 6, which is pretty impressive and has to require an insane level of craftsmanship. But tiers aside, the elegance of this dress is why I love Chanel. The pattern is muted, but still colorful. I love the way the halter weaves tightly around the neck but doesn’t disrupt the flow of the garment.

Look 75

Although this look features the same pattern as the last, it is utilized in a totally different way and I like the sudden departure from boho to chic. Chanel is unmatched when it comes to a classic, feminine aesthetic and this look fits the bill. The high waisted skirt is something I’d like in my closet asap. Plus, the floral decals on the plaid undershirt give this look a youthful edge.

All images are from Vogue.

The Details

Designer: Chanel 
Season: Resort Wear 2020
Date: May 3, 2019 
Location: The Grand Palais, Paris, France