Chanel Métiers d’Art 2021 Collection Review

The inspiration comes from the women back in the day. That’s why Chanel’s creative director Virginie Viard name the collection Château des Dames.

I always admire the details and luxury of handmade garments by Chanel. No matter so bland or some old some designs work over, the craftsmanship always makes you want to see more.

Watch Chanel Métiers d’Art 2021 Collection

Our Favourite Looks From The Show

To be honest this collection comes with a couple of questions circulating on the net. Before what others said, In my opinion, there are so many things going on in design details.

Tiresome puzzling color choices in the leggings. Why the leggings first of all? Didn’t we all sit in the leggings all this 2020 year long thanks to the pandemic? Nobody wants to see leggings in a fashion show. At least not from Chanel.

And some commented under the fashion watchdog account Diet Prada: “Did Chanel just hire “Emily in Paris” as a designer?” Ouch!

“If If unseasoned chicken was a look, this is it.” one other.

Best of all was the only person who watches the show live was Kristen Stewart. I shouldn’t be surprised actually when saying “bland”. The whole collection kind of looked like Kristen Stewart’s Cannes 2018 Look on the red carpet.

The collection included the capes, poet blouses, ruffled gauntlet gloves, and Massaro’s D’Artagnan boots. Undoubtedly, the best thing was overwhelmingly beautiful artisan work.

Viard wanted to showcase the exceptional workmanship of the 38 various Maison d’Art suppliers that Chanel has acquired through recent years in order to preserve their skills, from pleaters and button makers to milliners and embroiderers (11 of these crafts houses will be consolidated in the brand’s new 19M hub, opening soon in the north of Paris).

The photos by Chanel

This is something I truly applaud. I am wishing to see more and more luxury houses preserve and save true artists of garment work.

The Details

Designer: Chanel
Season: Pre-fall 2021 Ready To Wear
Date: Tuesday, December 3rd, 2020
Location: Paris

What are your thoughts on Chanel Métiers d’Art 2021 Collection, alley girls? Do you think Chanel lost the touch? Or Is it always the true love for fashion lovers out there?

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