Casual Look for Friday and Lovely Spring

Casual Look is kind of a uniform for tech girls in my industry. A tech doesn’t want to wear over the top clothes but chic yet comfy. I should write about how a tech girl’s style is in an ordinary day at the work. Btw I am not that kind of tech girls. i love to wear weird stuff eventhough my style is not that weird in this look below. 🙂

I decide wear something more colorful since the weather is finally warm. At the end It is time to wear more colorful things.

I really love to wear that old season H&M trousers. It is comfy at the same time fun look.  And I want to complete my my look with again H&M jacket which is from 2008 fall season. I really enjoy to wear my old and timeless clothes. This jacket is one of them. It is perfect piece for this kind of weathers.

And If you curious about the neighborhood, this is a lovely Greenwich Village street. If I don’t live in West Village in my parallel world, I would probably live in Greenwich Village.

Hope all of us have lovely spring/summer time this year.


alley girl