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Buy Designer Shoes and be Ethical

We all follow so many famous bloggers. We admire their beauty, their clothes, their lifestyle… we love their world. It is so glamorous. And the fact that they used to be like us is more attractive. Ordinary people who can’t reach those incredibly expensive brands. And some day they start to become celebrity. Perhaps this is the reason we love so much following them. Even though we don’t believe we never are never going to be like them, deep down a question pops-up in our minds: “Why not me, too?

Chiara’s $895 Valentino Tango Shoes

They show us so many beautiful photos with incredibly tempting shoes, bags and those luxury brand clothes. It looks so easy like you can just go down the street and go to buy and wear it. Of course It is not that easy. Leave it Louboutin, so many of us can’t afford even $200 shoes. Trust me! That is a lot of money.

Chiara’s $1080 Stella McCartney Wedges.
Aime Song’s $570 Fausto Puglisi pumps. On Sale here.
Kristina Bazan’s $850 Jimmy Choo Sandals.

I actually was considering to keep some money every day to buy a classic “So Kate” Louboutin. I don’t have a rush so I believe that eventually that amount of money collected so I can buy it. But then I remember that news about a very old couple who lost their sons in a tragic accident. The dad had to attend to the funeral with a very very old plastic shoes. Few journalists make a news about him then some people learned about that poor conditions they had to live.  I feel ashamed when I remembered that old news. People can’t find money to spend for their regular needs and I am trying to buy I don’t know how many pairs of my shoes which cost $675 + tax. This is my problem with the fashion world. It is hard to be luxuriously fashionable and ethical at the same time.

Chiara’s $800 Chanel Slingback. Similar is here.
Leandra Medine’s $771 Laurence Dacade. On Sale here.
Leandra’s $450 No 21 Mule Sandals.

I find a solution for not to feel guilty as mush as possible. I kept some money for people who need it in all around the city. I have a one dolar rule for everyday. That money is not mine. Can be a homeless’ or student’s who try to collect some money or independent artist’s in the city. If you just want to give, you’ll find someone to give. Finally I can collect some money for that evil red sole shoes. (The writer certainly has a love-hate relation with Mr. Louboutin.) Until next time… Stay awesome. P.S. Main image is from http://xoxodaniellemone.com/2015/09/20/sundays-best/ Betül K. Y.