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Blogger Crush: Whoizbelle’s Monica Neary

November 13, 2016

I am so excited to start this new blog series: “Blogger Crush” Since I started my blog, I met with amazing people. So I decided to write about my favorite fellow blogger friends.

Most of the time I met with people in brand launch parties. But of course, I follow some people that I follow them religiously like We, The Classy, Ruby Wall, StyleSprinter, Lucy Giraldi and so many of them… And now I have a chance to sit and have more, deep chat with one of these incredible women. My first guest is Monica Neary from Whoizbelle.

Monica and I met on Instagram and then she invited me to The Cross Over launch. (Monica is the co-founder of this new community.) I feel so inspired by her. Even though her young age she’s done a lot in her life and I believe she keeps being inspirations for many others like me. (Some might think my questions are weird. I like to ask questions give hint about your personality 😉 )


Betül K. Yıldız: Why do you blog? How did you decide to start to blog?

Monica Neary: I created WHOIZBELLE just a year ago, but I didn’t actually start promoting my brand until a few months ago. I come from a retail background. I studied Fashion Merchandising and Coordination at City College of San Francisco while working part time as a stylist and sales advisor for Banana Republic‘s flagship store. Through these opportunities, I gained the knowledge and skills of a passionate stylist.Years, later I started WHOIZBELLE, as a way to hold on to my creative expression.

BKY: Your background is in the music industry and now you are in retail why did you pick these two difficult fields?

MN: Actually, my background is in both. When I was working in retail in San Francisco and going to school, I was also working part-time as a nightclub promoter for Ruby Skye Torq Thursdays 18+ events, The Grand (VIP/Artist guest list) and 1015 Folsom (VIP/Artist Guestlist). I worked alongside security for two of those venues, making sure the right people were getting inefficiently. This allowed me to develop strong relationships with folks in the music industry, specifically electronic dance music, or now called EDM.

When I first moved to New York, I was working on the business end in the music industry. Through an internship, I became a junior agent, then an executive assistant and signed a teenager from Canada to UMG records. After all of these accomplishments, though, I realized that my passion for the music industry stemmed from my creative side. I realized, in the end, that artist management was not for me. This was one of THE MOST difficult decisions of my life. Since I wasn’t getting any income, I needed a job to help pay my rent and bills, so I went back to my roots, working in retail. I applied for a position at Topshop and I heard back within the next month or so. Until then, it was rough, I was barely making ends meet. I started as a greeter for Topshop, working on the ground floor, and then after a year, I became a personal shopper assistant. Two months later, I became a personal shopper, which inspired my creative side of being a stylist and posting photos of my outfits on my Instagram. I started investing more time into this, and that’s when I made my website WHOIZBELLE public.

I honestly didn’t decide to work in these fields, I kind of just fell into them.


photo credit: Sole Hernandez

BKY: How do you see whoizbelle’s future?

MN: I want to incorporate more film projects with WHOIZBELLE. Expect more original content and collaborations and incorporating anti-bullying campaigns. I’m going back to my roots. I’m Mexican, most people don’t know that.

BKY: What is your “can’t live without” technology?

MN: My iPhone Plus, My Camera, and Laptop

BKY: Apps on your phone?

MN: WEAR USA , Instasize, Instagram of course, Google Drive,

BKY: Best style piece of all time?


photo credit: Rachel Golden

MN: I just bought this incredibly gorgeous Kenzo x H&M off-the-shoulder top. I have this whole vision for a shoot when I get back to NY.

BKY: Your favorite designer of all time?

MN: I never really had a favorite designer. I recently interned for Vogue Paris, and I fell in love with the pieces from Italian label Etro, but that was when I had blonde curly long hair. Now, my hair is short and black. I recently fell in love with a campaign from LF. So freaking rad. I think hair has a lot to do with a look and different hair can throw the whole thing off. Since dying my hair back to my roots I get to have fun with some different looks now.

BKY: If I talk to your best friend, how does she /he describe your personality in 3 words?

MN: hahaha, well I’m a Gemini, so probably passionate, energetic and sincere

BKY: If you wanted to be a superhero or goddess which one do you want to be?

MN: Super Hero? Wonder Woman, duh!

BKY: You have to pick one NY vs SF if New York (Manhattan vs Brooklyn)

MN: I would pick San Francisco immediately, just because my family is there and they are my world.


Don’t forget to check my interview with WHOIZBELLE!, Photo credit Dexter Oliver Hobbes