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Better Than Fashion Week? A Upper East Side Whole Foods

Finally Alaska Fashion Week (a.k.a. New York Fashion Week) is over. It couldn’t be more awful than this. The weather was insanely cold! I couldn’t get out myself more than 3 days. Hence I feel like I missed the city’s most beautiful times, people from all boroughs with incredible stylish looks. I really like the stroll down the streets during any kind of fashion events in the city.

Image source: http://www.styleandthecity.com/

I remember when I first attended to Vogue’s Fashion Night Out back in 2012 in the city. Forget streets even the air smelled like fashion to me! So It was kind of sad to miss fashion week because of i-don’t-give-a-shit-to-your-fashion-week-weather!

me and one of my favourite Turkish style icons Ece Sükan after Ralph Lauren Show

But There is still something nice happening in the city. Actually I have to correct myself. There is still something nice happening for Upper East Siders. Finally we got what we deserve!

Whole Foods!

We finally have it in 87th corner of 3rd Ave. I can say It is one the tiniest Whole Foods I’ve ever experienced so far. Every time I turned around I crashed into someone because of the aisle’s width. So be aware of that if you don’t want to be yelled by some 70 year old upper east sider lady!

Image source: Foursquare

Me and my on paleo diet husband are considering to live different parts of the city. Whole Foods might have change our mind. Do you know how hard is to find something not processed in the regular markets or delis? I was sick to carry all important stuff for him from Union Sq since he’s started his paleo diet last year. I already get use to have it three blocks away.

From now on I have another must for my new possible neighborhood other than the neighbours who have stylish fashion*.

The Whole Foods!

P.S.: The main image is taken from http://thestyleline.com/

*manner; way; mode

P.S. 2: This post does not point where I live cause you already know I am Upper East Sider! just kidding! 

or Am I?