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Are You Shopping for Bags the Wrong Way?

September 3, 2019
Shopping for Bags

Bags can be really fun to shop for. For a lot of women, they’re one of the best fashion purchases to make in terms of pure enjoyment of the shopping experience, because there’s no worrying about getting the right size, and also, unlike shoes, which usually steal the crown as many women’s favourite things to buy, you don’t have to think about things like comfort quite as much. Even the most outrageous design of bag can be yours if you want it to be, without worrying about spraining an ankle!

However, because we tend to view bags in this kind of detached way, where they are separate objects from the rest of our outfits, this can actually lead to us making the wrong choices when it comes to finding the best bag to wear. That’s right, it actually pays off to think of bags as something you wear!

Shopping for Bags

Bags on You

What many people never do when they are looking at bags they want to choose between, is actually put them on their shoulder and look in a mirror. They look at the bag on the shelf, they may give it a good look over and check out what kinds of pockets and straps it has, but they always regard it as something to look at rather than something to wear. While some people do think about things like coordinating a bag with other clothing. (for instance not choosing a patterned bag for winter if their main everyday winter coat is patterned, or not choosing a brightly coloured bag if it will clash with colours they often wear) They don’t really consider how different types of bag can look on them.

Buying Bags

In a shop, then, it is always a good idea to ‘try on’ bags in front of a mirror. Although really, the principles for choosing something that will look good on you are quite simple once you start to think about it, so like other things such as sunglasses which you should match to your own features to get the best look, once you know what suits you, you can easily shop online. SSENSE is one very good place to look for designer bags, as they have all of the latest collections from the most coveted designers, including beautiful Saint Laurent bags.

Things to Consider to Find Bags that Look Good on You

What you really have to think about is colour, size and shape. You are probably already aware of which colours look good with your skin tone, so apply that same thinking when looking at coloured bags, or go for neutrals that will look good with everything in your wardrobe. Shape wise, you want something that complements your body shape. A boxy, angular bag can balance out a curvy shape, whereas a soft bag or a bag with curved edges will be most flattering for someone with a more angular body. Mid-sized bags suit everyone, but dainty, small bags can look exaggeratedly small on somebody tall or large, whereas big oversized shoppers take up too much space on a petite person, visually.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons to apply thinking about how a bag will look when you are carrying it when you are next shopping for a new one!