Press Nordstrom Featuring

December 6, 2015

Nordstrom is one of my favorite place to stay in forever! How can’t be? As a shoe girl, I can literally live in Nordstrom store until end of my life! I am luck enough to get marry fast or either wise I could be a woman who lives with her shoes happily ever after as once Carrie Bradshaw claim for same story for herself.

As you know I am one of the Clergerie Girls.

Because of this incredible campaign, we got a lot of attentions from all the main websites. One of the featuring is come from my all time favorite retailer’s blog. Yes, It’s Nordstrom’s The Thread featured us in their blog. I am so excited that I just found out 2 days ago on bloglovin search (I need to double check on my Google alerts. And girls searching yourself on google or bloglovin is not a bad idea) That is such an honor to see something about me in Nordstrom’s official blog..

They describe my style as:

Why we like her: She’s a tech girl and a fashion girl. We heart well-rounded types.


Thank you so much guys for this nicest words.

Check the blog post to see what they wrote about the other girls.

Until Next time…

stay awesome.

Betül K. Y.