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So Who is alley girl?

January 30, 2014

I am twenty six years old now and I start to ask myself what I am doing.

After I had graduated from business school back in İstanbul, I jumped into first decoration based e-commerce company in Turkey. I remember I was the only full time in the company. We were very small company with very low budget, we had to get investment immediately. I was sales development expert. I was trying to to explain what is e-commerce, what is the benefit of sales on internet and things like social media to our customer. I don’t know here but in 2009 It was too hard to make the internet sales to decoration and furniture company. Because they didn’t have any experiences on internet such as e-commerce or social media.

Then our company got the investment in 3 months. It was incredible experience for twenty-two year old just graduated little girl. :) . Because I was in every single step during investment.

Then I transferred to one of the biggest media buying company as a social media manager. I worked with global companies such as Fiat, Ford and the biggest local Turkish companies. This time I was learning about digital media buying and planing, relationship management between agency and brand. I created live presentation on Facebook for Fiat Turkey during Autoshow 2010. It was the first live branded broadcast on Facebook at that time in Turkey. After Autoshow project I worked on another social media campaign for Fiat. I created fashion based campaign for Fiat 500 by gucci with confirm of Fiat HQ in Italy. It was basically fashion show which had theme as “in a short time, overnight Fiat 500″ includes most known fashion bloggers and Fiat 500 by Gucci at the same runway. Until I completed that project I decided to move to New York. I guess after me they didn’t work on that project.

From September 2011 (New York story begins) I worked on affiliate marketing, e-commerce, social media marketing, google adwords, google merchant, google analytics on my own woman interest website which means “I am happy woman” in English.

Finally I recognized I am very into internet, digital marketing at the same time fashion. I decided to write about tech, but fashion related tech companies, events and blah blah. I am so happy in between Flatiron and 5th Ave.  This is the story of AlleyGirl.

Alley girl is a fashion& internet lover dudette who moved to city from Istanbul two years ago. She is going to share fashion related tech companies news Tech world in Silicon Alley.

So If you want to write something as a guest or just want to share about your startup on, shout an e-mail toag [@] alleygirl [dot] com.



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