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Alexander McQueen Spring 2020 Collection Review

October 5, 2019

Sustainability is more than a fast fashion trend and top shelf designers are proving that. The entire Alexander McQueen Spring 2020 collection springs from Sarah Burton’s commitment to community. She worked alongside McQueen staff and students from The Stitch School to complete two entirely hand-stitched garments for the runway.

Watch The Runway

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Our Favorite Looks

Look 8

I’d kill to see this as a bridal gown at one of those rustic weddings that are all over Pinterest. The intricate lace is stunning. Plus, the beautiful coordination of the dress to the handbag heightens the elegance of this look.

Look 21

I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a nice pantsuit? I’ve seen this type of silhouette used by other designers but I like that McQueen utilized eyelets for a more edgy twist. I can definitely tell that stripes are in again, although it’s not my preferred pattern.

Look 24

There are grommets galore in this striking, dove white look from the gown, to the handbag, and even the shoes. Leave it to Refinery 29 to catch this trend back in 2013. All I know is that grommets definitely have some staying power to make a resurgence on the runway 6 years later.

Look 28

The billowing shape of the dress is beautiful, but I adore the colorful embroidery. I know it had to be a painstaking effort to get the print just right and I applaud the McQueen team for their effort. The Victorian pendant and the molded ceramic heel are details too good to be overlooked.

Look 39

My penchant for pink is well noted, but the best thing about this look, to me, has more to do with construction than color. This dress looks like it was crafted from the feathers of tiny pink angels. Alexander McQueen truly blessed the runway with this lofty look.

Look 41

It’s rare to see a gown this marvelous include statement jewelry – especially a large pearl pendant wrapped in gold – but Alexander McQueen is known for pushing the envelope. I think there was an audible hush when this look went down the runway.

All images are courtesy of Vogue.

The Details

Designer: Alexander McQueen
Season: Spring 2020 Ready To Wear
Date: Monday, September 30, 2019
Location: Paris, France

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