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7 Valentine’s Day Accessories That Will Make You Swoon

February 4, 2019

With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching next Thursday, there’s a lot to prepare for, whether you’re anticipating a fancy dinner reservation with your beloved or simply looking to enjoy a candle lit dinner at home. You might even be spending the holiday solo, but there’s no shame in that. Self love is just as important as love from a significant other which is why you should indulge yourself with these 7 Valentine’s Day accessories, guaranteed to make you swoon.

1. Taken To Heart Threader Earrings

Taken to Heart Threader Earrings in Rose Gold $15

These exclusive ModCloth earrings may be subtle, but they make a statement. The dainty threaded chain of these earrings are gold, but the center of the golden heart charms are filled with a soft rose gold. You can find the matching necklace here.

2. Vintage Style Heart Locket

This vintage inspired golden necklace is one to admire. It features an array of beautiful gems offset by intricate engravings on the outside and opens to reveal a customizable locket so that you can keep your loved one(s) close to your heart.

3. Loving Longevity Heart Earrings

Loving Longevity Heart Earrings in Gold $15

These golden heart shaped earrings are a bit more showy than the first pair featured on the list, but they are just as lovable. The brushed finish gives a unique texture to these metallic marvels.

4. Sultry At The Seams Tights

Sultry At The Seams Tights in Black $9

If you’re looking for vintage-inspired tights to compliment even the most modern outfit, you’ve found the holy grail with this pair from ModCloth. The single streak brings an element of drama to the otherwise simplistic stockings.

5. Accent Your Ensemble Tights

Accent Your Ensemble Tights in Candy Red $6.97

The name of these tights couldn’t be more accurate. With a color as striking as this bright candy red, these opaque stockings are a great way to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your attire.

6. Gleam Come True Glitter Clutch

Gleam Come True Glitter Clutch in Rose Gold $39

Feel like a celebrity with this glitzy, glittery clutch from Lulu’s. Since pink is another color heavily associated with V-Day, this clutch would be ideal for a special night out. Oh, and the chain strap you see pictured is removable. check another cute addition from

7. Harper Velvet Red Ankle Strap Heels

Harper Velvet Red Ankle Strap Heels in Red $33

Strut your stuff in these decadent red velvet heels. With a height of 2.5″, these thick block heels will support your feet while giving you a gentle lift. I highly recommend this style of sandal because of the comfort. And how about these beauties here?