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5 November 2018, Monday | Fashion Tech News

November 5, 2018

1. Forbes

How Separating The Experience Of Wearing Clothing From The Expense Is Transforming Fashion

Jessica Dvorett, VP Merchandising and Management Team Member at Gwynnie Bee, learned how to apply her retail-fashion skill set to the fashion technology world.

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2. Stuff

Southern Institute of Technology fashion graduates to show of their skills

For one graduating fashion student, it’s all about the jacket. Xiao Ping Jones [Sarah] says when it comes to men’s fashion, show-piece jackets is what it is all about.

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3. WWD

Fashion’s Making Waves

Plastic has a bad rap. And for brands and retailers responding to consumer-led demand for sustainability, solutions centered on the removal and recycling of ocean plastic pollution for fashion products has risen to the surface.

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4. The Times of India

How AI, ML is changing future of fashion

The newest challenges in fashion world is coming in the from intervention of technologies like automation, big data, AI, ML, 3D scanning and printing. How do we harness this reality?

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5. The Oxford Student

Are Mood Rings Back In Fashion? Forecasting Mental Health

We all know that prevention is better than the cure of illnesses such as heart disease, Type II diabetes, and the flu, but what about illnesses of the mind? Multiple studies have shown that maintaining good general mental health and intervening before symptoms become serious can vastly improve the outcomes of such episodes.

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