5 Must Have Fashion Accessories for Modern Moms in 2019

January 17, 2019

A rewarding, albeit equally exhausting, part of being a mother is the expectation of always being prepared. Not that this expectation is far off. As mothers we think ahead, we organize, and we often look for ways to go above and beyond to make life run more smoothly. The same could be said when it comes to the relationship between clothing and accessories. The right accessory can provide a perfect finishing touch and elevate any outfit. (Yes, even the outfits we haphazardly throw together to run to the gas station or the local grocery store to do last minute errands.)

1. A Tote Bag

Women’s Zipper Tote Bag $39.99, Target

Tote bags, like this zippered tote bag from Target, are the perfect blend of chic and convenient without being too clunky. For a mama on the go, space is necessary, and you can easily store all of your everyday essentials in this type of bag while still having room for any snacks, a rogue pacifier, bottle, or even an extra pack of baby wipes.

2. Sunglasses

Quin Silver Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses $12, PLT

Haven’t been getting much sleep? Well, you can officially skip the concealer. A pair of oversized sunglasses are a great way to shield your sensitive eyes and mask any dark circles especially while you’re out and about. I personally like these mirrored aviator sunglasses from PrettyLittleThing because you get two trends in one and they’re inexpensive.

3. Cell Phone Case

Sonix Oleander iPhone X Case $35, Anthropologie

For most millennial moms like myself, a cell phone is literally one of the most functional accessories that we own. From capturing impromptu photos to setting appointment reminders, these devices come in handy. A decorative, durable case will allow you express your personal style and keep your phone safe, even if it gets in your little one’s hands. Well, hopefully.

4. Satin Head Scarf

Twist Block Headscarf In Black $16, ASOS

Say goodbye to bad hair days indefinitely with a headscarf. I think of headscarves as a more sophisticated alternative to a headband. I recommend wearing a headscarf made of satin material like this twist block headscarf from ASOS because it is stable but gentle on the hair, similarly to silk.

5. Ear Crawler Earrings

Gemline Studs $18, Madewell

When you have children, it’s no secret that it can be challenging to keep things out of their grasp. Sparkling, flashy jewelry definitely isn’t an exception. However, with earrings of this variety, there is less temptation to touch than with linear or drop earrings because they are stationary and usually sit higher on your earlobe.