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10 Place You Should Visit in Central Park, New York

September 9, 2016

I am living in the city for 5 years now and Central Park is my the most favorite place in the city. The idea of writing about this list occurred to me after this photo shooting we did at Central Park with my brother last spring.

I wanted to show him some hidden places other than famous places highly promoted in most of the Hollywood movies. So I decided to create this mix list with very famous places + my favorites. You might find most of them closer to Upper East Side because I used to live there so I generally visit this places when I run by park.

1-Gapstow Bridge

One of the best New York movie scene ever. When I first saw Gapstow Bridge, I had this feeling of living in my own Hollywood movie.


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2-Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

My daily run routine held in this place for 3 years. You have everything. City view, nature and great New York experience.

I have this #beautiful view in my morning jog! It makes me push harder. Good Morning

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3-Bow Bridge

It is rare to find this bridge without tourists take photos. Lucikly we got this shot from last time.

4-Azelea Pond

Probably my favorite place at the park. I found this place together with Fatih 3 years ago after we had our breakfast at the park. Great place to forget that you are actually in the middle of the most fascinating and desirable city in the world. You can’t see any of the skyscrapers nor any of the city noise.


The water that flows here is actually New York City drinking water that comes from a 48-inch pipe hidden by the rocks at the Pool Grotto on West 100th Street.*

6-Seneca, The Old Village**

This place is actually ruins inside Central Park near 85th Street. You might think, what I am going to do with couple of old stones, fair enough. I want to share this with people who wants to see New York more than what they see in the movies.

7-Boat House

I know this place sounds kind of cliche but definitely “a must”. Try to have a brunch in boat house restaurant. Total New York experience! Little pricey but great to-do!

Ice lake at centralpark.

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8-The Lake (Benches)

Whatever you do in the city, definitely sit and listen the city from one of these benches. My favorite thing to do when I am at the park. (especially in the west side of the lake)

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9-Ladies’ Pavilion

I’ve always seen this places when I run by west side of the lake. I’ve never have a chance to sit and check around until my best friends’ marriage in this place. One of the most romantic places to get married!


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10-Model Boat Sailing Pond & Alice in Wonderland Statue

It was my last stop until my runs. I came to here sit one of the benches listen my self and go to my favorite coffee shop in Madison Avenue. It is almost impossible to find Alice without tourists. If you try very earlier in the morning, you have a chance to have a great photo with her.

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