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Pump & Jean Look for Spring

May 10, 2016

It has been long time since I wear a pump like this. I love these pumps. They are from Ralph Lauren and I bought them 2 years ago from Woodbury “discounted designer heaven”. i was hysteric to see them $135 since they were $550 in retail stores. Woodbury sometimes has really great deals. I should write about my Woodbury experience separately on day.

I wanted make a sport chic look like this inspired by Something Navy. I told you how I love her style in my previous post. I literally love any outfits of hers. She has great taste. Even though I am not girly girl like her all the time, I still adore her style. I used to think that I am the girly girl kind but I do love masculine looks, too. She is one of those account I followed and check everyday. Because of this I started to know about her life. I know her husband’s and her daughters name. It is kind of insane to know a person without knowing each other personally. So I saw Brandon (her husband) the day in my office. My office door was in ajar and I saw him partially and I was like this is Brandon, something navy’s husband 🙂 I went to talk to him, he was super friendly and cute and he wasn’t surprise at all I believe he is in this situation all the time. So we took this photo together to let Arielle know and tag her on Instagram.

Personally I can be never like her to share so many details of my life but I could understand her in some ways.

So I created this look inspired by her. She is the optimum heel girls. You can see her with tone of high heel looks. I love heels, too but If you check my shoes you can see so many different shapes not all of them are stiletto heels. I started to think that I should buy more shoes like these. I meant heels like Ralph Lauren’s pump, I believe this pair is one of the most comfortable shoes of I have in my wardrobe.


Ralph Lauren pumps, W by Worth duster coat (similar), Stradivarius jeans (similar colour) , Mansur Gavriel bag





I complete my look with this gorgeous duster coat which they were gifted from W by Worth from their Fashion Week event. I loved so many pieces in their showroom but this duster coat gave me goosebumps 🙂

Hope you like my casual chic Spring look