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10 Most Stylish and Fashionable Designer Snow Boots

January 28, 2016

I love snow. I always think that snow is the most magical thing that we’ve been given by nature and Goktengri. When I see a snowflake I always feel so blessed and calm. Nothing can make me angry at that moment at all.

I’ve experienced most intense blizzard in my life in this year. When you consider where I am from, It is understandable why I am doing a lot of deal about it. I am from south of Turkey. One of the hottest cities in the country is Adana. And that is place has never snow. So It was a big deal for me. So I decided to be more ready for the next time. Since we are in end season of Winter and everywhere is full of deals, It is the time to buy those chunky snow boots.

I am trying to put a list together which is all about stylish and designer-ish snow boots. My list is going to start with the most affordable ones since most of us are not able to give pay $750 for a boot I have a couple of affordable ones.

Mou Crocheted Snow Boot $272–350 $104–179

Giuseppe Zanotti White Fur Snow Boots $695 $368

Pajar Cade Waterproof Insulated Snow Boot $174.95

Sophia Webster Quentin Glittered Leather, Shearling and Mesh Snow Boots $595

Isabel Marant Camel Nowles Snow Boots $680

20mm Suede & Leather Snow Boots $385 $269

Asos, Love Moschino Faux Fur Logo Snow Boots $222 (only small left)

ASOS ARDELL Lace Up Snow Boots $60

Moon Boot Overlay Lace up Snow Boots $167 $126

Hunter Boots Original Snow Boots $245

UPDATE: These are all from last year. I checked it again for this year but I couldn’t find nice designs like above. Still, I want to add the list in below from this season.