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Daring Work Clothes for 20 Somethings

May 27, 2018

Thank god, I’ve never been a judging one in people’s style and looks. Even though I am a very opinionated person as a Virgo, my family raised me to be careful about judging people on their physical looks or how they dress. So that being said don’t let people feel you down. Judging people are ignorant and you definitely don’t want to be around that kind of people. Don’t Heed on those but hear me out you 20 something girl!!! Check out “Daring Work Clothes for 20 Somethings“.

Pink Blazer Dress: Asos (in white), Strap Sandals: Asos, Bag: Danse Lente (in brown and white), Sunglasses: Mango, Watch: Christian Paul (similar )

Once I was doing this internship at the age of 19 years old. It was a management level job in one of the private hospitals back in Istanbul. One of the executive’s personal assistant thought I was 27 years old. That was the most embarrassing thing to hear actually. Because of how I wore my work clothes she thought I was in that age. Geez, I wonder what I have worn around that time. 🤦🏼‍♀️ This why I decided to put a light on this subject.

When you are out of business school, sometimes you have this misconception about how to dress for work. I actually blame stock images. Whenever you search “business“, you’ll always be ended up looking at all these fake smiley white American women with perfect teeth in a blazer suit. In real life, It’s not the case for the most of the time. If you are sale business you probably have to look sharp, presentable but most importantly professional.

Bring It Down

My look for today is a little bit on an edge but It’s just because I am in the fashion business. What you should do is to take my look as an inspiration and mix with your own style. If you wear a colour like this, you should always bring it down with your accessories. I go with black shoes and bag in here.  You can always make this gorgeous blazer dress less shiny with the white cigarette pants. Yet, It’s still kind of daring. There are some people thinks “dress over the pants” is edgy and interesting. Give them something to talk about, you know. Whatever you do, just own it when you wear something interesting to others. If you feel hesitant about your look, that interesting idea of styling never gonna work out.

This girl in the brightest pink dress is probably attending a business meeting or a speaking in one of the biggest event of her industry. That’s because she is not 20 something but the 30-year-old. 🙂

Can’t wait to hear about your styling tips and questions about “Daring Work Clothes for 20 Somethings”.