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Confidence and writing in English

July 18, 2018

I write all my life. This passion start when I was in secondary school. We had this writing skills class that all of my friends hated. I was always the biggest fan of this class. Writings have been always easy for me. I was always the favourite student of my Literature teachers. So some of my friends were annoyed by me. (perhaps they were a bit jealous 🙂  But I have never been that annoying nerd one.

I’ve been blogging since 2005. Unfortunately, I’ve only written in Turkish which is my mother-tongue language until late 2013. After I moved to NY in 2011, I attempted to write in English a few times. My first writings were awful back then.  It was painful for me to practice and write in English. Because of this lack of confidence, I was afraid to send business e-mails. I really hate when someone sends me a bad business e-mail which is covered with simple grammar mistakes in Turkish. So I really don’t want to be the same position with people that I hated before. 🙂

After I’ve started to read English books in Kindle (Kindle is a lifesaver at this point) I got my confidence in writing then I decide to create Since then writing in English make me feel pretty cool and fun. This really helps me to improve my confidence in English. You can make some mistakes while you are talking in daily life but writing is a totally different thing and I fully feel ashamed if I make some mistakes about it. Because writing is my passion from the very beginning.

This is my passion and I really want to write a novel someday. I actually collect my material now and making my writing practice with you here in If you have same issues like mine, start to read in English first, then just write something you like and share with the people. Some may be judgemental but some can be really helpful about it. There is also this great program called Grammarly that I’ve been obsessed with. The program’s free version shows your little misspellings and some minor grammar mistakes. And I have been using the free version for quite some time now and I am feeling pretty amazing with Grammarly because It helps me to do fewer mistakes. Because I did those same mistakes thousands of times, now, I write the correct way because of it.

Thank for reading me and as always until next time,

stay awesome.

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