Alley Girl Featured by American Vogue Magazine For the Second Time :)

February 27, 2017

This must be a blogger’s dream. Being featured by American Vogue. I’m so happy because this photo was taken by brother when he was visiting me. He is also an amateur photographer as I am an amateur writer. You can see all of his city photos and other work of his from his Facebook page.

Vogue is such a big deal, It’s great to be featured in This is my third time being featured in American fashion publication. I was featured in Elle USA for the first time. It was both print and online spread about my Clergerie Girls work.

The second time I was featured by W Magazine in their street style section. And now featured by Vogue for the second time. It’s dream come true. This look was from West Village Guide post. I tried to style myself as easy city girl look. It is the most fun way to wear black and white. Thank you so much Vogue for picking me.

I picked different polka dot styling options in below. Click “+” button on top of my photo.

[dahz_framework_single_product id_1=”2679″ id_2=”2680″ id_3=”2681″ id_4=”2682″ product=”Polka Dot Skirt” url=”″]

Hope you guys also enjoy my polka dot black white look, too.


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