My 4 New Favourite Healthy Pre-Prepared Meals

September 6, 2019

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If you know me closely I am kind of gal who likes to cook for herself and her family. Don’t get me wrong I love eating outside and discovering new restaurants in the city all the time. But when It comes to eating food at home, I prefer to prepare myself.

I would never think that I am going to love frozen food this much. They did a very good job of tasting and balancing the nutrients. So I recently tried this bundle from Conagra Brands, includes Evol, Healthy Choice, Gardein and Udi’s. I already know Udi’s via my gluten-free preferred husband. We got their gluten-free pizzas thousands of times before. But the others make me really shocked. Here are my 4 new favourite healthy pre-prepared meals. See my honest opinions about each food I received in this bundle in below.

Healthy Choice Grain Free Power Bowls Spicy Beef Teriyaki

Healthy Choice was not a surprise for me since I tried the brand previously. I am confident with the taste but I thought the rice is going to be sticky as my husband tried cooking cauliflower rice before. The shocking news is before I actually reading the box, I thought It was real rice. It was that good for grain-free food (I almost can’t live without grain in fact but I try to change my direction with my new low carb diet).

I never thought cauliflower would be this tasty and actually taste like actual rice. The spice level is just so perfect in this dish. Not too subtle not too hot. Teriyaki sauce bond the meat and vegetables so good. It was really yummy and very refreshing launch. But most importantly It was a perfectly balanced meal for my low carb diet. This dish particularly 18 grams of protein and 5 gr of fibre.

Evol Fire Grilled Steak Bowls

So I normally hate cilantro and I never eat anything includes it. But this time I give a try to Evol.

4 New Favourite Healthy Pre-Prepared Meals
4 New Favourite Healthy Pre-Prepared Meals

Man, that cilantro pesto sauce was something. I really liked it and surprised that I actually liked something with cilantro. It was a delicious dish balanced with steak, rice and beans. This steak dish was a great combination of 18g protein, 7g of fibres and also gluten-free. I am not normally gluten-free but I am trying to adjust my taste for less gluten-based food.

Gardein Nashville Hot Chick’n Tenders 

I never understand how people can strictly do a vegan diet. To me, It’s one of the hardest things when I try different types of diets. But when I taste Gardein Nashville Hot Chick’n Tenders, I understand how they can survive. I almost thought this was a slice of real chicken meat.

4 New Favourite Healthy Pre-Prepared Meals

This is such a yummy dish that I was sceptic the most about this one. I thought It was going to be soggy since It’s frozen. Not at all. It had a crispy layer on the outside and very tender texture inside. I just put on an oven and It was ready in 18 minutes total. I tried this with Fatih. And he didn’t believe me that this was a meatless dish.

Udi’s Sweet Potato Crust Chicken BBQ Pizza

I also tried this one with Fatih because Udi’s is his go-to brand when It comes to gluten-free pizza. He specifically asked me to invite him to my tasting lunch 🙂

4 New Favourite Healthy Pre-Prepared Meals

We absolutely loved the sweet potato crust. The BBQ sauce is my not forte. But this pizza wasn’t overpoweringly sweet with BBQ taste. Smoked gouda cheese was a very yummy touch.

I enjoy these dishes a lot and change my mind totally for frozen food forever. So check the bundle products here.

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