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What is Google Alerts?

December 7, 2015

Google Alerts is one of the best tools of Google.  It detects contents in all around the internet such platforms as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs.

First of all you decide your keywords.In my case I pick alleygirl, alley girl,, betul k. yildiz, alleygirl fashion etc.

Then you just set those words in your google alerts account. When somebody mentioned you in the web you received an e-mail from Google alerts about your keywords.

I received so many articles from Business Insider (which is not definetely about my blog ) since my blog name comes from Silicon Alley*.

Be ready for getting alerts is not about your blog until become that IT Girl. 

*Silicon Alley, centered in Manhattan, has evolved into a metonym for the sphere encompassing the New York City metropolitan region’s high tech industries[1] including, the Internet, new media, telecommunications, digital media, software development, biotechnology, game design, financial technology (fintech), and other fields within information technology that are supported by the area’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and venture capital investments. As of 2014, New York City hosted 300,000 employees in the tech sector. (wikipedia)